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So, you want to build a Brewery? I'm here to Help.

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  • So, you want to build a Brewery? I'm here to Help.

    If you are interested in taking the next step to build a brewery or are interested in any Industry knowledge please dont hesitate to reach out. I am a Head Brewer/Director of Brewery Operations on a day to day basis with 15 years in the Industry. I have helped multiple breweries start from the ground up as well as taprooms and "contract projects". I graduated from The World Brewing Academy in 2007, am currently working on my MBA, am an active Member of The Master Brewers Association of America and have over 100 awards and accolades including a Brewer of the Year award from GABF. Biggest advice I can give is "know what you don't know", and seek that advice. Befriend your local brewers and get to know your local Brewing Guild's, beyond that reach out if I can be of assistance. Reach out here or on linkedin: Josh Watterson.