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Central CA brewer, 8+ yrs experience, looking to relocate

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  • Central CA brewer, 8+ yrs experience, looking to relocate

    I've been brewing in the Central Valley of California for over 8 years and I'm seeking to take my skills, experience, and talent to a new location (out of CA preferred but will entertain all offers). I have brewed on systems from 3bbl to 20bbl, currently brewing 5-6bbl batches at my nanobrewery/taproom. I have experience in practically every aspect of owning and operating a brewery, including (but not limited to): plumbing, electrical, glycol, and general maintenance, installation and repairs of equipment; raw ingredient sourcing, ordering, receiving and inventory; recipe creation, wort production, yeast management, cellaring, and packaging beer in kegs, cans and bottles; social media posting and management; sales and distribution/deliveries; licensing, taxes and reporting; draught system installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and operation; cleaning all the things; and interaction with and education of customers at taprooms, beerfests and other events.

    I'm looking for a Head Brewer position at a brewery I can call home with a team of staff as crazy about craft beer as I am. While I'm an unabashed hop head and love my IPAs, I also enjoy brewing classic beers to style, so I would like to have some creative freedom to make new recipes and perfect existing ones. Above all else, everything I craft is brewed with a fine attention to detail paid to every facet of the process and an unbridled passion for creating the best beer humanly possible.

    Please email me at if you are interested in starting a conversation about moving to your location, joining your team (or helping you create a new one!), and brewing world-class beers for you. I can provide a resume, professional references, and any other information desired.