Before become a brewer, i start my career in architecture field. Every time my friends had architecture fair, its must be ends on beer and wine, that time in my country doesn't had craft beer yet. I just know about mass production beer.
At some point, i got hiring in norway, i was shocked there's a lot of delicious beer in different style. I really enjoying my beer adventure there, until COVID comes, i am loosing my job n back to my country.
2 years leaving my country, at some bar i saw some product its localy brewed, i try to digging the information about that, the brewery was pretty close to my grandpa home in bali. I try to apply to the brewery, n they're interested n hired me as a brewer, i am working under my brew master, he was really nice guy from pennsylvania, n also train me really well. For now, i really want to be working overseas again.
im experienced on :
Complete brewing process from milling, to wort production, to fermentation, filtration n packaging.
Cellar work, including transfers, dry hopping, carbonating beer, and sensory.
Basic laboratory work, including : pH measurement, extract measurement, and DO/CO2 measurement.
Running CODI 6 fill head canning line.
Lead the brewery tour.
Beer testing (trained personally by my Brew Master) for CQ&QA purpose.
I really want to get more experience on brewing, more beer, more beer style to enjoy. I love working in a brewery environment, it's feels like my dream comes true.
I'm cheerful person, makes people around me happy n enjoy their work it be a must to do. I take my pleasure on ability to follow the recipes n procedures correctly.