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Former Assistant Brewmaster moving to Tennessee Area

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  • WBCBeer
    Northeast TN. If still looking, email

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    I sent an email your way.

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  • Former Assistant Brewmaster moving to Tennessee Area


    My name is Connor and I am trying to move to the Tennessee area by March or April of 2024 from the Bowling Green, KY area. Currently I am trying to find a job to secure before moving down just to make finding a place to live easier. I have been homebrewing since high school and have worked in two breweries within 2 years while going to college for my degree in Management and a Brewing/Distilling Certificate. Currently I work at a winery and liquor store in the Lower Kentucky/Upper Tennessee area. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Down below is my professional and educational background along with any other details worth mentioning. Thank you all for the help and encouragement!


    The first brewery I worked for was in Bowling Green, I started in September 2021 and worked till they were taken over by another brewery in March of 2023. I worked there till September of 2023. My position was Assistant Brewmaster at both establishments. My Job was to assist the Head Brewmaster with the production of beer, formulation of recipes, the proper cleaning/sanitation of all equipment and tools used during the process, bottling and canning our beer, along with bartending and customer service amongst our guests. Since then I have been at a winery to stay in the field and gain more knowledge of different practices. My job at the winery is taking care of the proper cleaning and sanitation of all winemaking equipment along with how to flavor and bottle our wine. All in all these experiences have taught me so much about the science and art of beer/wine and how to push the boundary of craft beer.


    While working at these breweries I was a full time student and graduated on time of Spring 2023 with a Bachelors in Management and a Music Minor plus a Brewing and Distilling Certificate. After graduation I have further pushed my education by getting my Certified Beer Server (Level 1 Cicerone) and have begun studying for Certified Cicerone. My goal within the Cicerone Program is to reach Certified Cicerone before I am 25 and to reach Advanced Cicerone before 30. Outside of beer I have basic knowledge of Distilling and its practices and a fair amount of knowledge in Winemaking. I am wanting to know as much as I can and to consistently learn from professionals in all fields to spark ideas and techniques for the brewing process for my own.

    Additional Details:

    With everything listed above I do hope that I can leave an impression and get to work with some amazing people. Everything listed so far is just the major points of my job experience and knowledge background but there is more to talk about if given the opportunity. With any further questions or comments please feel free to message here or email me at Thank you all for the time and have a great day!