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Experienced Assistant Brewer from NY Looking for work in PNW(Seattle,Portland,etc)

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  • Experienced Assistant Brewer from NY Looking for work in PNW(Seattle,Portland,etc)

    Hey everyone! My name is Alex. I am an Assistant Brewer at 3 sister breweries in Buffalo, NY. I am planning to relocate to the Pacific Northwest in the next month or so, and am hoping to set something up when I get there.

    I have 1 year experience assisting and brewing on 3 separate 15 bbl systems. I am well-versed on all 3 locations different systems and am the main cellar person for them. I clean lines, fermenters, brites. I transfer, filter and carbonate.

    If anyone is looking for a hardworking, ambitious brewer, I am your guy. I have experience in the front of the house as well and am not opposed to Taproom work to get my foot in the door.

    Thank you and please message me on here or at my email - and I can send you my resume.


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    Cover Letter

    Iím an ambitious Assistant Brewer at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery and itís two sister locations, Riverworks Brewing Co. and Lafayette Brewing Co., all in downtown Buffalo, NY. I started this job with a passion for the growing industry and, being a home brewer, wanted to dive in to a new career. I have worked in parts of the industry, mostly bartending and front of the house, up until this position.
    These 3 breweries come with a lot of variation in their systems, and my responsibilities run deep throughout. Among the three breweries I am one of only 3 brewery employees. This means I not only work directly with my head brewer on the general brew days, but I also clean the lines, fermentation vessels, kegs and brite tanks. I am knowledgeable in transferring, filtering and carbonating beer, as well as troubleshooting many different systems and distribution centers. Along with these tasks we also did the heavy lifting for all of our grain and hop orders, raking out grain the old fashioned way, and any maintenance that needs to be done. On many weekends I attended brewing events, as Buffalo has become a big craft beer hub in recent years. At these events I poured beers and socialized and informed on our products and breweries.
    Among the three breweries we have over 30 beers on tap at any given time. This has allowed me to brew a variety of styles, from Trappist style Belgian Dubbels, to fruited sours and New England style IPAs. It has also given me a large workload, which forces me to prioritize and organize my tasks, while getting them done in a timely manner.
    My love of adventure and all nature has to offer has brought me to relocating to this area. It is important to me to enjoy the area that surrounds me while I focus on continuing my career in brewing and exploring my capabilities in the craft. I am looking for a brewery that balances hard work with a vibrant social life and room for exploration. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.