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Experiences Innovative brewer looking for a new challenge.

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  • Experiences Innovative brewer looking for a new challenge.


    My name is Krishna Rajiv, and I am looking for an opening as a brewer, a litle more about me can be found below. I have completed a M.Sc in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University, and am currently employed as a brewer at a micro brewery. The degree is an equivalent to an IBD brewer, qualification.

    I have a thorough background in the production and technical aspects of fast moving consumer goods, with in-depth knowledge of process technology acquired during my elective module. Working at a micro brewery has sharpened my skills to a great deal with regard to the process of brewing, the marketing, sale, customer care and the other finer details in the industry. I am responsible for the organising, stockholding of the raw materials and other ancillary brewing/cleaning materials. Producing beer to an agreed specification. Completing the records of the brewing cycle. Cropping of the yeast for further use. Conducting taste panels to assess the quality of the beer. Maintenance of the brewery as an aseptic environment and assisting the head brewer in the operations of the brewery. At the undergraduate level, I majored in Chemistry, Botany and Microbiology, which enhances my knowledge of the sub-processes involved in fast moving consumer goods. During my degree, I took up leadership roles, organising big inter-college arts and culture festivals, raising sponsorship for these events and also working as a regional assistant co-ordinator of a non-governmental organisation.

    You will find me a hard working, committed and self motivated individual who takes the initiative to learn new things. I enjoy travelling, meeting, talking and interacting with people and play an effective role in team work, not only by contributing ideas but also by listening to people and supporting them. I am always prepared to take up new challenges and work hard to meet the targets set before me. I am passionate about the field of fast moving consumer goods as testified by my overcoming the odds and travelling to the U.K to pursue my masters in this field at Heriot Watt University.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Krishna Rajiv.
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