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Innovative, creative yet humble brewer

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  • Innovative, creative yet humble brewer

    Hello everyone in beer land,
    I am the Head Brewer of a small 8 bbl. Denver brewpub, seeking out my next professional challenge; Fortune, Fame, Notoriety and all that. Thanks for looking over my posting.
    My experience includes 3 years professional brewing, plus 2 years unpaid intern, and 15+ years of award winning homebrewing before that. Prior to brewing, my experience was in culinary, laboratory and construction. All of those experiences have proven applicable to managing a brewery.

    I am responsible for the entire brewing and quality control process from ďgrain to glassĒ, including scheduling, inventory, brewing, cellaring, QA/QC. Iím adept in recipe formulation, brewhouse operations, fermentation microbiology, maturation and packaging. Furthermore, Iím hopelessly devoted to sanitation and quality.

    A big part of my focus as head brewer has been keeping a diverse tap list featuring both traditional styles, style fusions and one-off experiments. I love stylistically accurate traditional beers, but have no problems stretching my wings and designing a beer made with unorthodox ingredients, e.g. bbq sauce, carrots, or sun-dried tomatoes, and have begun exposing our clientele to wild/spontaneous fermented beers and oak aged beers with great response from customers and other brewers.

    I have instituted a yeast propagation program where none previously existed, expanded our breweries festival participation from two a year to ten, and counting; have been involved with multiple collaborations with other breweries and individual brewers, and created systems for production data tracking.
    I am desiring a brewery where the owners/management believe in similar values as I do; Honesty, Integrity, Ethics, Financial Responsibility, and believe in investing in their company and employees.

    I bring with me solid SOPs and sanitary practices, plenty of ideas for recipe formulation, a strong work ethic, and a constant thirst for knowledge and research. I am open to all brewer or cellarman positions as long as there are opportunities for growth, advancement and continued learning under more veteran brewers.

    I am primarily looking in the Colorado area, but will definitely consider an outstanding opportunity that requires relocation.

    Please PM me for additional information and resume.