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Veteran searching for Cellar Person position - Denver, CO

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  • Veteran searching for Cellar Person position - Denver, CO

    To whom it may concern,

    I am currently searching for a full-time brewery production position in the Denver, CO area.

    I live in Denver and have reliable transportation. Flexible scheduling is fine with me also. My workplace experience background is primarily Food & Beverage, but unfortunately my brewing experience is little to none. However, my experience still has relevance such as food safety training as well as other OSHA training. Overall, I simply am looking to get my foot in the door to help build my brewery knowledge and skills, so I can grow in the company and industry.

    Basic Workplace Experience Info:
    • Food and Beverage Manager
    • Banquet Captain
    • Banquet Bartender
    • Banquet Supervisor
    • United States Marine Corps
    • Signals Intelligence Analyst

    If you are hiring and would like to know further details of my experience and education, I can email a resume or you can also view my work and education history on my LinkedIn profile,

    Even if you aren't hiring, I would love to hear any leads for other breweries in the area or just simply some friendly advice!

    Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn directly or on this site. Thanks for your consideration and help in advance!


    --Curt Fletcher
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