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    Hey All!

    I hope this message finds you well during the quarantine of the CV-19 as we start to try to move forward in business and in life.

    I'm looking for a job in the brewing industry as a taproom manager, brewmaster, or GM.

    I'm willing to run your brewery for you, make executive marketing, brewing, and business decisions as you deem necessary.

    I've been a head brewer, assistant brewer, taproom manager, and bartender for Stone Brewing.

    I've been featured in 7 brewing magazines, was VP of my local homebrew club for 3 years, have won multiple awards for my beers, consulted in 6 different countries for beer (India, Bahrain, UAE, Seychelles Islands, Netherlands, and Spain), started my own contract brewing business based out of the Netherlands, and know all in's and out's of the craft beer and hospitality industries. I've started 3 online business's revolving around homebrewing and craft beer as well.

    I the first in my family to graduate from college, where I achieved my business management degree. I was in the marine corps reserves from 17-23 and also am a certified (from India) yoga instructor and healthy living advocate.

    I also read a book a week about anything beer related, marketing, business, psychology, philosophy... you name it.

    Please let me know as I'm willing to start in May or June and am up for relocation to suitable location.

    Ty Stevenson