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Brewer with Experience in All Aspects of Production

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  • Brewer with Experience in All Aspects of Production

    RYAN COLLICK Current City: Kalamazoo, MI | 269.873.2791 |
    Cicerone Beer Pourer Certified
    Proficient understanding of the basics of beer, glassware, and serving techniques.
    University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Microbiology for Brewers Certificate
    Trained in sterile techniques used to test for beer spoiling organisms, identification using various medias, and using data to track the origins of infection. Educated in the proper use of microscopes, autoclaves, medias, plating samples, incubation, gram straining, and microbial identification.
    Kalamazoo Valley Community College Sustainable Brewing Certificate
    Educated in everything from the history of beer to brewing multiple batches a presenting them to industry members and partners. Proficient in reading malt/hop analysis sheets to formulate recipes, microbiology, brewing equipment/technology/techniques, safety/HACCP planning and more.
    Forklift Certified
    Technical Sales - Craft Automation, Kalamazoo, MI | March 2019 – Current
    Support and facilitate the creation of new customer leads, product, sales, and revenue.
    - Develop and provide practical process automation solutions for brewery and distillery controls.
    - Compile information for controls to be designed and engineered to customer specifications.
    - Experience in reading CAD schematics, developing automation controls, and wiring panels.
    - Personality and ability to provide one-on-one customer service and technical support.
    - Assist engineers in designing and producing a better product with learned brewing knowledge.
    - Attend trade shows, conferences, networking socials, and industry events to promote the company.
    - Research new markets and find ways to configure current products for other industries and applications.
    - Frequent use of Microsoft Office Word and Excel, Google and Google Drive, Podio, and CAD Design.
    Brewery Lead - Arcadia Brewing Company, Kalamazoo, MI | July 2016 – July 2019 (Closed)
    Utilized brewing experience and knowledge to train others in producing quality craft beer.
    - Reported to Director of Brewery Operations for brewing schedule, production, and chain supply management.
    - Brewed and worked on a 3 Vessel 50 Barrel Brewhouse to produce consistent, repeatable, delicious beverages.
    - Formulated new beer recipes. Brewed several 1/5 Barrel batches and scale up to 50 Barrels for mass production.
    - Experience with wild ale barrel fermentation, barrel aging, brewing with adjuncts, concentrates, flavorings, etc.
    - Conducted and recorded quality samples throughout each brew to ensure the production of a controlled product.
    - Conducted cell counts and calculated yeast pitch rates to assure the best yeast harvest from our production.
    - Performed lab samples throughout the process, from brewhouse knockout to bottle/can, for quality control.
    - Performed Cleaning in Process actions, engineering, and maintenance on fermentation and brewhouse vessels.
    - Administered Routine and Preventative Maintenance to ensure quality control and product reliability.
    - Kept beer flowing by actively determining solutions to problems as they arose and effectively informing the DBO.
    - Managed workflow of 4–5 employees to ensure adherence and performance conducive to the production schedule.
    - Provided training for new employees and created Standard Operating Procedures for the Brewhouse and Cellar.
    - Experience operating and performing general maintenance and repairs on a Krones 30-Head bottling line.
    Brewer - New Holland Brewing Company, Holland, MI | August 2015 – July 2016
    Kept a 24-hour, 5-days a week brewhouse on schedule
    - Ran a 5 Vessel 50 Barrel Brewhouse, ensured the brewery kept on schedule to fulfill supply chain demands.
    - Tested and recorded quality samples throughout each brew as well as cell counts to calculate yeast pitch rates.
    - Performed CIP of automated and manual fermentation and brewhouse vessels, as well as brewing equipment.
    - Experience with centrifuge operation, maintenance and repairs.
    - Experience with and extensive education in bourbon barrel aging and maintenance of barrel aged beers.
    - Performed general maintenance and repairs in the brewhouse and cellar. Made, followed, and updated SOP’s.
    - Frequent use of the Orchestrated Beer for process and scheduling, also Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
    Head Brewer/ Cellerman - Big Buck Brewery, Gaylord, MI | July 2014 – August 2015
    Managed production of a large brewpub to meet seasonal demands
    - Brewed on a 3 vessel 20 BBL JVNW system
    - In charge of brewing year-round staple beers and develop recipes for seasonals and one-offs
    - Monitored temperatures and gravities daily and kept records
    - CIP, sanitize, and pitch tanks and maintain an overall clean brewery environment
    - Managed inventory and ordered supplies as needed
    - Familiar with DE filtration to achieve a clean, clear product
    - Plan/Attend beer festivals and represent the company at various events

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    Los Angeles cider and mead producer looking for production consultant/manager, contacts to grow distribution a plus.
    If interested please email Cheers!