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    Do you have a dream that is now becoming an obsession in building your own craft beverage business? Are you concerned you may not have the insight needed to be successful and profitable? Are you overwhelmed with thoughts and questions you can’t answer? No worries, I experienced these questions and concerns when I was building my production brewery. I spent three long years in research mode; meeting with multiple breweries and colleagues throughout the United States. Even though this was very fruitful in knowledge learning from their successes and failures it was insanely time consuming and very costly. Also, I had no one standing beside me for guidance moving forward. With my knowledge and experience I will save you valuable time and monies that will be needed later and being on sight as needed is reassuring when the hard decisions need attention.

    Hello, Erich Allen here, I am an experienced award-winning Craft Brewer with successes in the craft beer industry, craft soda and hard seltzer markets. I have been assisting & consulting with breweries for 10+ years while co-owning and operating a production brewery, craft kitchen & taproom with a large event venue. I recently sold my brewery to investors and now I am offering my services as a Craft Beverage Business Consultant. With over 10+ years of commercial brewing experience specializing in design conception for startup and expansion of microbreweries. Extensive knowledge of proper brewing, sanitation, training, raw materials handling, and safety practices in the brewery & taproom. I offer my services on the business side along with sales & marketing to make sure your brewery is profitable to attain successful business practices for your future growth.

    My company is based out of Northeast TN., Southwest VA, Western N.C. region but I am willing to travel based upon the client’s request. I offer budget minded rates in relation to the scope of each project, time, and travel needed. I will address your brewery's unique goals and create a solution to meet those goals. My aim is to ensure that your brewery produces clean, consistent, world class beer every time while avoiding unnecessary headaches and pitfalls of opening and operating a brewery. Making great beer consistently is just part of the project. Operating a successful business is equally important. We will work together formulating the best business practices needed to be profitable. We will create and implement successful key marketing strategies and sales directives designed for your customers demographics.

    If you are interested in learning more on what I have to offer, please contact me for my CV and let's schedule a time for a conference call.
    No charge for your 1st initial consultation.

    Cheers to your future!

    I look forward to your reply, contact me via

    Erich S. Allen

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    Los Angeles cider and mead producer looking for production consultant/manager, contacts to grow distribution a plus.
    If interested please email Cheers!