My name is Ben Colky and I was most recently employed as a Senior Sales Manager working at the Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Political Science. For the last 10 years I have worked in sales and marketing in hospitality; first for Vail Resorts, and most recently at Hilton Hotels. I am seeking a position in the beer/brewing industry where I can apply my extensive sales experience in a field for which I have great passion.

In my most recent role as a Senior Sales Manager, my main responsibility was to generate revenue for the hotel by prospecting companies and associations for group business. Through sales calls and office visits I would solicit client's needs for event space or guest rooms; developing a creative proposal outlining how I could help achieve their goals. From contracting to final billing, and all service requests in between, my clients knew they could always rely on me to follow through.

One of my strengths is building strong working relationships with clients. By actively listening and maintaining regular communication, I look to align our goals and deliver a quality product that goes beyond expectations and creates a trusting and lasting relationship. A focus on organization and attention to detail have allowed me to excel as a Sales Manager and I find comfort in efficiently prioritizing my duties. It is because of these skills that I have been able to: achieve or exceed my sales-goals every year until 2020; receive regular internal promotions; and be nominated for (and complete) an internal Director of Sales and Marketing training curriculum.

My experience as an interim Director of Sales includes:
  • successfully leading a sales team of five for two quarters
  • creation and development of yearly business plans
  • revenue management/rate setting
  • product and labor review
  • business forecasting
I have progressed professionally from my experiences in hospitality, but now seek to align my career with my values and personal interests.

My passion for beer is more than sharing beers with friends and exploring the latest releases, I am a fan of all things within the beer culture. To me that means spending time in the great outdoors, listening to live music and being a part of the community. Perhaps what is most attractive to me about working in the beer/brewing industry is to work for, and with others, who share passion, values, and a sense of community. I would like to be part of something bigger than just making profits for a giant corporation and instead be focused on delivering the highest quality product possible, both in beer and the brewery space, and to share my enthusiasm with others. With breweries becoming ever more conscious about social and community issues, partnering with businesses to lift the neighborhood as a whole is a business philosophy that I hold in high regard, and want to be involved in.

As an initial step to improve my knowledge of brewing and beer I have recently earned my Certified Beer Server Certificate after completing training through the Beersavvy online course. I look forward to continuing my education in the field and taking additional courses to further my knowledge in brewing and beer.

I want to thank you for taking the time to review my experience. I believe that my education, sales experience, and passion for the beer industry demonstrate that I have the drive and skills to be an asset for your brewery. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss a position with you further. My resume is attached to this post. Please let me know if there is anything else I can supply in assessing my qualifications.

Thank you and take care,

Ben Colky
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