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Job Summary

Spreading the Gospel of Gonzo is a way of life and fostering an environment that celebrates good beer is our doctrine. We’re not for everyone. We work tirelessly to redefine craft beer and galvanize a community of misfits who identify with our unapologetic passion to be true to ourselves and true to our art. We practice this one account at a time, one relationship at a time, one beer at a time. If your turnoffs include organized chaos and attention to detail, we’ll save you some time. If you fashion yourself a clever and creative adventure seeker with a passion for people, we saved you a seat. Buy the ticket, take the ride - your life as our Sales Director is about to get weird.

Role and Responsibilities

This role is responsible for growing the Flying Dog brand in critical outlying markets by:
• Working closely with key wholesaler and retailer partners to reach sales goals
• Build meaningful relationships that keep Flying Dog top of mind in each market
• Communicate marketing and sales plans, beer releases and brand objectives to valued partners
• Build Annual Business Plans and communicate monthly, quarterly, and yearly growth goals and objectives
• Work closely to insure all markets have the beer and information they need to succeed
• Work closely with regional wholesalers to set ambitious but attainable sales goals and objectives

Qualifications and Education Requirements

• College Degree preferred
• A minimum of 5 years alcohol beverage industry required
• Experience working with beer wholesaler or brewery sales experience preferred
• Strong interpersonal, emotional intelligence, and selling skills required
• Chain and National Account experience preferred
• Must be passionate about craft beer
• Must have strong management skills

Preferred Skills

• Must be a self-starter and possess strong organizational skills
• Must have excellent work ethic
• Must be proficient in MS Word, Excel, PPT
• Must be comfortable with public speaking and have the ability to express oneself in an articulate, succinct, and professional manner
• Must have the ability to multi-task and communicate remotely with valued partners
• Must be a great communicator

Additional Information:

• This position requires frequent travel

Interested? Put your beer down (briefly) and click here to apply: