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Looking for all-around brewery/brewpub experience in/near Vancouver, BC

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  • Looking for all-around brewery/brewpub experience in/near Vancouver, BC

    Hi there, I am perhaps looking for a unique opportunity in the brewing industry in/near Vancouver, BC but I am hoping I can fit the bill for a new or growing brewery/brewpub.
    I am looking for a new or expanding brewery or brewpub who needs someone to participate in sales, brewing, packaging, operations, event planning, johnny-on-the-spot, etc...
    I am extremely passionate about beer and brewing and would like to get my hands dirty in all aspects of the business - yes, I love being a "jack-of-all-trades"
    • I have 5 years of homebrewing experience and have read many books on the subject
    • I have 2 years of Sales experience (in-person sales, visual demonstrations, etc...)
    • I have 10 years of customer service/client relationship building (phone, email, in-person, etc...)
    • I have 7 years of event planning experience (live music, dealing with tour acts)
    • I have 2 years of marketing on social network platforms (for the largest homebrew club in the province of Quebec)
    • I have experience serving, talking beer, and product awareness at beer festivals
    • I have an entrepreneurial mindset and background in project-based organizations

    I can be contacted via email at: andrew[dot]stevens[at]hotmail[dot]ca

    Thanks and I hope to talk to you soon!