My name is Mark Proell, and I am looking for a brewery rep position covering Wisconsin, and will even cover other states in the Midwest-Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan, Indiana, Dakotas and Ohio. I am experienced, hard-working, reliable, honest and have a high degree of integrity. I know what it takes to grow brands in this highly competitive beer market. I can open up new markets, or take them over if coverage is needed in them. I can do crafts or imports, but I want to represent the best, because I like to sell quality brands. Do you have what I'm looking for?

My core values:
1. An unwavering commitment to quality and excellence
2. Honesty, Integrity and ethics
3. Personal development and empowerment
4. Innovative and entrepreneurial attitude, action and trust
5. Treating people with fairness and respect and as a partner in the enterprise
6. Open communication, teamwork, and trust
7. A healthy work/home life balance
8. Passion and loyalty

My beer knowledge is second to none, and my passion for selling is unmatched. I have traveled to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the U.K. to learn about beer styles in their native land. So if you want to expand or grow your sales in Wisconsin and the Midwest, reach out to me to get things going.

Mark Proell