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    Hi all,

    My names Ty Stevenson, some people might call me the Waters Brewer.
    I have been brewing for over 2 years now, of which, 95% of my brews have been all grain, award winning beers.

    I have taken the online concise course in brewing technology from Siebel Institute of Technology, been mentored by a brewer with over 25 years of experience, became best friends with a brewer at a local brewery and now hang out with him almost daily, and have totally submerged mtself in the brewing industry. On top of that I have read over 10 different brewing books, some of which I've read more then once, and will continue to re-read to keep my brewing knowledge up to par.

    I have recently (within the last 4 months) been involved with the local homebrew club and now hang out with the president at least once a week and have talked about strting a homebrew supply store with him as well.

    I started a company called Waters Brewer in May of 2015, and was already profitable by November 2015. For my company I create mineral profiles to optimize water for whatever style of beer brewers will be brewing. I recently partnered with a lab, so now I have the ability to analyze homebrewers/brewers water.
    For Waters Brewer, I started a study called "The Waters Brewer Study" where I will be brewing the same basic IPA recipe with the exact same brewing process, where the only thing I change about each beer is the water chemistry, trying to really see how the water plays a role in the final beer. I document all of my brews and share them with the world in hopes that by doing this it will bring validation to Waters Brewer and make me one of the leading experts in water chemistry for brewing.

    The reason I do "The Waters Brewer Study" is because I know providing value for people, in this case in the form of information, is the number one way to build trust and loyalty among potential customers.

    I've also listened to over 1,500 hours worth of business/marketing/brewing podcasts/audiobooks in the last 6 months alone. I have a marketing mind first, and shortly behind that is my brewing mind. On the daily I think about new ways to find customers, about how if I do this I will attract this demographic of people and get these kind of responses out of them, or how to draft creative sentenses to possibly sway potential customers decisions.

    With breweries popping up all over the world now, you HAVE to have a way to stand out in a saturated crowd. Cool artwork and a nice taproom might get you customers and a following, but providing true value, being innovative, and thinking outside the box will put you on the top of the list for breweries.

    I've analyzed the marketing from some of the top breweries throughout the country and know if they can market that beer to that great of success, so can I.

    I am at the time in my life where I am ready to up and move wherever the brewing gods might take me, but am located in the Northern Bay Area, CA at the moment.

    Please feel free to shoot me an email at or call (925) 337-6106 if you are interested.

    @watersbrewer ----- for all social media accounts


    Ty Stevenson
    Waters Brewer
    (925) 337-6106

    -Marine Vetran of 6 years
    -Business Management Degree from Sonoma State University
    -Wolfdog owner
    -Anything outside