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Craft Industry Expert in St. Louis, Willing to Relocate

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  • Craft Industry Expert in St. Louis, Willing to Relocate


    My name is Erik Busch. I am currently searching for a career in sales in the craft industry. Currently, I work for Grey Eagle distributors in St. Louis, but my craft beer knowledge goes far beyond that. At 20 years old, I started home brewing. This started as a way to be able to make my own alcohol before I was able to legally purchase it, but quickly grew beyond that. Finding a passion for craft beer, I became an avid home brewer while starting to cellar beers that I had collected from local releases. I was studying History at the time, but wished to pursue a career in the industry instead. This caused me to start taking online courses at Siebel Institute in Chicago for their Master Brewers program. After completing a few courses, I was recommended to take up an internship at a local brewery. Thanks to Martin Toft at 4 Hands, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work hands on at the brewery. There I did everything from cleaning tanks and helping bottle, to solo brew days. There was unfortunately no openings at the time of my internship and my time ended after 3 months. I decided to stay in the craft industry finding a job as a bartender at a local tap house.

    Working at Global Brew, I was able to grow even more familiar with the craft industry while being able to taste hundreds of beers. The bar had 50 rotating, craft only taps and over 250 bottles. At Global, I was given the chance to share my love of craft beer with hundreds of customers, from the brand new, to the highly enthusiastic. I was challenged on a daily basis to make the light lager drinker into an introductory craft beer enthusiast. I also had to take the brand/style enthusiasts and convince them to broaden their horizons. I was always successful. After sometime, I needed to find a more permanent job. Last December, I left Global and started working at Grey Eagle Distributors. At Grey Eagle, I sell AB-InBev, AB-InBev acquired brands, O'Fallon Brewing, and Urban Chestnut on a daily basis. While I do love my job, I miss the feeling of working for a brewery. I would love to be given the opportunity to represent one brand. To find a brewery that I can give my 100% dedication to. If you are currently looking for a sales representative to become part of your family, feel free to email me at for a resume. I will be willing to travel, or even relocate for the right career opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Erik Busch