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    I am looking to break out of the IT industry and get myself into the brewing industry. I am a determined, results-driven, detail-oriented individual who excels at providing consistent results. I am located in Southern NH, but am willing to travel all throughout NH, MA, and VT.

    As a home-brewer and a lover of beer, I have been expanding my knowledge of brewing techniques and beer in general for the past several years. I currently continue to brew beer and have been broadening my horizons by learning about mead, and how to create delicious beverages. I continue to learn and grow in this area every day, as I visit local breweries, speak with members of the home-brew group that I am also a member of, and research. I look forward to learning more every day. I pride myself on my desire to learn about the different ways to brew, make mead, and building new equipment for my home brewery.

    As a salesperson, or marketing professional, I have been selling services of the groups that I have been a part of my entire IT career, it is a way to make sure that the person I am helping, gets the best possible outcome. I live and breathe helping others, and I know that I can be an asset to your brewery.

    I would love to discuss my credentials with you, please message me for contact information.

    Thank you very much.


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