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Background in QA / QC Looking For A Brewing Career - Boston, MA (or beyond)

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  • Background in QA / QC Looking For A Brewing Career - Boston, MA (or beyond)


    I am a homebrewer and a beer enthusiast, and I am looking to find a job in the brewing industry where I can be one piece of a company’s success while building my career. I’m currently looking for a match in the Boston area, but I’m open to a great opportunity just about anywhere.

    I have researched brewing techniques, the brewing industry, and beer styles mostly by listening to podcasts and reading books. Some recent reading includes “Wood & Beer”, “American Sour Beers”, and “Yeast”. On a couple of occasions I sat down and read the annual reports for Boston Beer and AB-InBev, which satisfies my desire to learn about the inner workings of the business side of the brewing industry.

    While I have not yet been involved with brewing operations on a professional level, I have dedicated a good portion of my personal time to studying beer. I started homebrewing in 2010 beginning with a Mr. Beer kit, then quickly graduated to extract brewing and by 2013 I had converted a Coleman cooler into a mash tun that set me on the path to all grain brewing as well as developing my own recipes. I have won awards for my beers in the National Homebrew Competition, The South Shore Brewoff, and The Boston Homebrew Competition. Also, I came up with the idea and provided quality assurance for Homebrew Timer, a brew day app that is available for iOS devices in the App Store.

    The brewing world has become a part of my life that I want to turn into a career. Thank you for reading to the end… hopefully there’s a good match to be found.