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How to post a Help Wanted / For Hire ad

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  • How to post a Help Wanted / For Hire ad

    Once your ProBrewer account is approved you will be able to head to the job boards and choose the proper board for your job posting.

    Make sure you are logged in -- look in the upper right for your username -- if you see "Login or Register" instead, you must login before you can post.

    Start at the list of job forums here:

    Click on the title of the board you want to post to and click the large + New Topic button at the top of the list of existing posts.

    Some reminders to help make your ad most effective:

    - Put the name of the business and the City, State, Country in the title of the ad. At minimum, put the job title, city, state, and country in the title.
    Example title: "Looking for an experienced brewer for expansion [XYZ Brewing Company, Rockville, MD]

    - Include contact details or application process in your ad.

    Please note that if you just registered you will need to click the link in your email to confirm your email address is correct. Once that is complete you will be put into a manual review process. This may take a business day to two for us to get your account approved. You will be unable to post (or even see the New Thread button) before your account is approved by an administrator.

    If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us.