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Head Brewer wanted for Ishpeming, MI

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  • Head Brewer wanted for Ishpeming, MI

    Please email resumes to us at cvmarketing at or mail to Jasper Ridge Brewery 1000 Country ln. Ishpeming, MI.

    Job description below.


    Jasper Ridge Brewery
    Job description
    Title: Brewer

    Brewers are primarily responsible for making beer. They are involved with the entire process of creating alcoholic beverages and fuels. Their chief duties include selecting and checking the malted barley or grain which will be used in the preparation of a particular kind of beer, adding yeast, hops, water, and other necessary ingredients, checking the fermentation rate, and monitoring the pH values and temperature throughout the process of brewing. Brewers also need to keep a check on the quality of beer both before and after filtration. In addition, they may be required to operate a milling machine, clean and sterilize the brew tanks, filtering equipment, and carbonating machines, as well as perform regular repairs on the machinery.
    The job of brewers does not end with just the production of beer. They also need to keg the beer, monitor production expenses, and interact with other brewers, suppliers, and customers. In some cases, they may be asked to deliver kegs of beer as well.
    Responsibilities & Duties:

    Oversee all phases of beer production including: mashing, brewing, fermentation and conditioning.
    Plan beer production to ensure quality and supply to meet brewery needs.
    Perform complex mathematical calculations, prepare written reports and daily logs in relation to the beer making process.
    Remain up to date on beer making techniques and abreast of consumer tastes in beer.
    Maintain proper inventory of products and supplies
    Create individual beer recipes which are required for normal operations and special promotions.
    Preventive maintenance on equipment as required for safe, efficient and sanitary operations.
    Perform pre-shift inspections.
    Assist in the maintenance of the sidewalk and doorway by shoveling and sweeping as required.
    Attend all necessary training sessions and meetings as required by management.
    Ensure tidy personal appearance and professional behavior
    Maintain safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations.
    Ability to accept directions and priorities from Management and reliably follow through on requested tasks.
    Communicate sufficiently to send and receive information clearly and accurately.
    Get along with fellow employees, customers and vendors.
    Adhere to all Company policies and procedures.
    Any other duties as assigned by management.
    Travel and attend tradeshows as required.
    Able to work all shifts as scheduled.

    Essential Physical Requirements:

    Ability to climb over three steps on a ladder
    Ability to tolerate the moisture associated with mixing beer.
    Ability to tolerate airborn dust particles during mixing of beer ingredients
    Ability to tolerate exposure to short term rise of temperature during brewing process
    Ability to lift 0-50 pounds routinely during the work shift
    Ability to push or pull cleaning equipment
    Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time
    Ability to freely access all areas of the brewery
    Ability to read, count and write to accurately complete all documentation
    Ability to immerse hands in water and use mild cleaning agents
    Job attendance as required by the manager
    Ability to work well in an unsupervised environment
    Ability to work in confined spaces
    Ability to push, pull and grasp small instruments

    Education/Experience Needed:

    No formal education required but preference may be given to practical or formal training in brewing science.
    Sufficient education to read, write and compute brewing calculations

    Technical- understand product, information and use.
    Teamwork- Interacts well with others in a way that fosters good working relationships.
    Public Relations--interacts well with customers
    Creativity--in the formulation of new beer types and styles.