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Assistant Brewing Officer needed in Western New York (FT)

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  • Assistant Brewing Officer needed in Western New York (FT)

    Currently building 42 North Brewing Company in the amazing little town of East Aurora, NY. Opening in August/September and hoping to hire for this position in June/July. Looking to add one more member to our brew team. We will be a 20bbl brewery with focus on Quality, Collaboration, and Authenticity....quality first with a strong focus on creativity and making great beer in a multitude of styles. Looking for a hard-working, team player, that's not afraid to get in the trenches day in and day out and utilize their skills and creativity to improve our offerings. If this is you please read more below.....
    The Brewer is responsible for many aspects of the brewing process including raw material handling; old-school manual wort production; semi-automated wort production and cellar operations including filtration, clarification, clean in place (CIP), general cleaning, sanitation, forklift operation; various quality assurance methods, various research and development analytics; and beer evaluation. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in technical recipe design and development, and proficient in brew house, cold block, yeast, and filtration management. The person in this role will have a can-do attitude and a hands-on approach to assist in implementing all aspects of the brewing process. This role will be an integral part of our brewing and production teams to ensure that we're brewing quality craft beers.

    • Implement and maintain all parts of the brewing process to complete all aspects of milling, mashing, lautering, wort boiling processes, cooling, yeast pitching, fermentation temperatures, clarity, microbiological stabilization, and bottle conditioning. This process flow includes maintaining sensory, flow rates and volumes, process times and temperatures, pH levels, density measures, and other parameter settings.
    • Add raw materials per recipe (malt, hops, yeast etc.).
    • Monitor raw materials inventory levels.
    • Work directly with senior production and brewery staff to improve on efficiencies and ensure the quality and craftsmanship of our beers.
    • Communicate effectively with brewing and production teams regarding the status of the process flow and consistency.
    • Conduct and ensure daily cleaning of all work areas within brewing - clean vessels, pipes, valves, heat exchangers, flow meters, and sensors to ensure a sanitary and non-contaminated process.
    • Adhere to OSHA and NBB safety regulations and practices to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Handle in a safe manner all chemicals used in brewing.
    • Perform routine preventative maintenance and troubleshooting maintenance on process manufacturing equipment when scheduled or needed.
    • Engage in quality assurance activities to ensure products meet quality assurance specifications and standards.
    • Engage in research and development activities to continually improve upon quality of product and process.
    • Support new ideas for process improvement and help implement them.
    • Be an ambassador for our beers.

    • Candidates must be 21 years of age or older.
    • 2-5 years of background in wort production, cellar operations, general brewery work, all grain homebrewing, general production work, food processing, and/or science coursework is preferred.
    • University degree in Chemistry, Brewing, Distilling, or another relevant field is preferred but not required.
    • Basic knowledge or aptitude to learn brewing science.
    • Basic knowledge and aptitude in the areas of math, physics, chemistry, microbiology.
    • Mechanical aptitude/skills/knowledge a must - Solid working knowledge of equipment with multiple logic functions and capabilities requiring specialized training.
    • Ability to read and understand a variety of scientific instruments and calculations.
    • Understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food Safety standards
    • Must be somewhat flexible in scheduling.
    • Demonstrate a strong work ethic.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Ability to multi-task while being quality- and detail-focused.
    • Adaptable to changing priorities, and ability to work well under pressure.
    • Ability to work both independently and in small work teams.
    • Exercise initiative and judgment as well as make decisions with the scope of assigned authority.
    • Interpret and understand policies and relate them to others.
    • Read, analyze, and interpret periodicals, journals, technical procedures and/or government regulations as needed.
    • Ability to crouch, bend, twist and stand for extended periods of time in a warehouse environment. Lift 55# several times/day, climb stairs several times/day, stoop into close quarters, grip and manipulate Tri-clamps several times/day
    Physical working conditions are required with this position. Working in, on and around vessels and pipes under pressure containing air, CO2, water, beer, chemicals, steam, and hazardous chemicals is common place. The work areas are mechanical in nature, require permits for confined spaces, fall protection devices for elevated work stations, and require a significant amount of walking and working on wet slippery surfaces. Process temperatures vary from 2 C to 100 C which cause varying ambient temperature conditions. Brewer could encountered some level of dust from the handling of malt raw materials to handling of diatomaceous earth on a regular basis. Moderate physical activity is required by handling objects up to 100 pounds occasionally and/or up to 50 pounds frequently.

    • Compensation will be competitive based on experience. This is a full time, salary position.
    • 2 weeks paid vacation per year.
    • Pay is biweekly based on hours worked.
    • Branded brewery clothing including 3 t-shirts and a hoodie per year
    • Admissions to limited entry beer and industry-only events
    • Weekly beer allotment
    • Additional beer and merchandise discounts

    send resume to