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Looking for Head Brewer for new Heyday Brewing in Raleigh, NC

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  • Looking for Head Brewer for new Heyday Brewing in Raleigh, NC

    Position Title: Head Brewer (Estimated 60 hours/wk, salaried. But really, whatever is necessary to run a great business.)

    Reports to: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Owner

    Location: Heyday Brewing (Raleigh, NC)

    Position summary: When it comes to beer, the Head Brewer is where the buck stops at Heyday. This person, alongside the General Manager, work to together take full responsibility for everything that occurs in the business and to advance the company’s goals through tactful, thoughtful, positive, firm, and strategic management of staff and undermanagers, with special attention paid to alignment with the financial and creative goals of the business. The Head Brewer plays an essential role in the daily operations of the brewpub, maintaining valued relationships with community members and guests, and continually pursuing excellent guest experiences. Acts as mentor and leader to staff through training of technique, positive attitude, hospitality, financial and professional responsibility, and organizational skills.

    The ideal candidate is irrefutably trustworthy and dependable, has excellent communication and networking skills and understanding of customer service and hospitality, is technologically savvy, has strong background in brewing and alcohol education, is able to inspire a team to exceed financial sales and budget goals, has an earned ability to lead, is meticulous, organized, curious, consistent, loves the challenge of problem-solving, and holds impeccable personal standards for professionalism. Moreover, the ideal candidate enjoys the challenge of stepping up whenever and however possible to ensure the long term success of the business.

    • Work at least 5 days per week, or whatever is needed.
    • “End of the line” of brewery management.
    • Representative of the brewery in all relationships with guests, vendors, etc.
    • Continually monitor vendor costs. Research alternative sources for negotiation purposes with current vendors or informing decisions on vendor changes
    • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by tracking emerging trends in the industry; attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies.
    • Careful management of product inventory with an eye for minimal waste.
    • Translate goals and budgets into actionable plans for internal teams
    • Create weekly staff schedules for brewery team and regularly audit hours and timesheets to ensure accuracy with careful eye for avoiding overtime. Sustain optimal staffing levels in all areas to meet guest and production needs.
    • Ensure proper management of all shifts, which includes daily decision-making, staff support, scheduling, and planning while upholding standards, product quality, and cleanliness.
    • Inspire passionate, committed, fun, hard-working team culture.
    • Audit timesheets before final approval for / submission to payroll
    • Actively and continually screening for the most promising and experienced candidates to be a part of our growing team.
    • Train new staff. Hold regular performance evaluations for all brewery staff, and possibly bar staff. Train employees to anticipate and meet the standards of the business and of you as a leader.
    • Lead, inspire, and educate employees to achieve their goals, consistently monitoring performance and creating development plans to improve execution.
    • Actively observe and coach staff to deliver the highest level of product to our guests. When workers fail to meet the company’s performance requirements, provide the evaluation that can help employees improve their work or initiate their termination.
    • Work closely with other managers to provide a firm sense of adherence to rules and goals of the business.
    • Maintain a curious mind about the flow, efficiency, and financial stability of the business working to expand and improve on existing systems. This is especially key in a new business.
    • Coordinate with events/marketing team to produce beer and prepare for events, as well as participate in the generation of ideas to bring in business.
    • Perform regular inventory checks for brewery operations including packaging. Receive and store ingredients and supplies in a prompt and efficient manner. Maintain stock of ingredients and supplies so that beer production is never delayed.
    • Ensure that QA/QC controls, safety procedures, and other GMP are fully developed and documented so that anyone that has been trained can step in at any time. Write, update, delivery, and uphold standard operating procedures for the business.
    • Analyze and report on all brewing operations and efficiencies. Complete, enter, and maintain daily production records of the beer.
    • Proactively manage yeast health and beer fermentations.
    • Maintain cleanliness of the brewery in a condition where it can act as a “showpiece” of the brewpub.
    • Schedule regular maintenance of critical systems such as boiler, glycol chiller, pumps, keg washer, etc., either to be performed by brewery staff or hired specialists.
    • Coordinate with Wake Tech’s Craft Beer and Brewing program about class times and needs. Facilitate student brews on 1 BBL system.
    • Regularly develop new beers and effectively (and enthusiastically!) communicate your creative vision for the brewery with the entire team.
    • Build training guides and tools for brewery (and possibly bar) staff to succeed at all times.
    • Oversee regular orders needed for day-today operations, submit large purchase proposals to CFO / Ownership for approval
    • Maintain safe, secure, and healthy facility environment by establishing, following, and enforcing sanitation standards and procedures; complying with health and legal regulations
    • Ensure proper opening and closing of the business when necessary including but not limited to completing / filing paperwork, and ensuring building is empty and locked
    • Initiate meetings with the General Manager to ensure a smooth transition for all staff regarding bar menu changes, edits, etc.
    • Cleanliness and organization of the equipment is paramount to successful execution of Heyday’s goals.

    • Experience in managing direct reports.
    • Minimum of 4 years of experience as a professional brewer.
    • Extensive experience and understanding of preventative maintenance, team motivation and management, ordering and inventory management, record keeping and data analysis.
    • Extensive experience and understanding of the brewing process, sanitation, yeast health and fermentation, beer transfer and clarification.
    • Experience with brewery quality assurance and quality control plans.
    • Experience in the theories and production of mixed fermentation/wild beer styles.
    • Ability to inspire a team and, no matter what is going on personally, maintain a positive and enthusiastic work environment.
    • Strong knowledge of beer.
    • Advanced computer proficiency including Gsuite
    • Process and results driven leader with demonstrated success managing and achieving operational and financial goals.
    • Exceptional organizational skills, detail-oriented with process-oriented thinking.
    • A self-motivated approach, with a strong work ethic, requiring limited oversight.
    • Ability to lift 65 pounds and move 175 pounds regularly. Ability to regularly stand, walk, use hands, reach, climb, work from heights, stoop, kneel, and crouch. Ability to work in a loud, vet, cold, hot, indoor and outdoor environment frequently.
    • Unrelenting eagerness to improve and learn.
    • Extensive labor and product management experience.
    • Experience in effective hiring and firing of direct reports.
    • Willingness to continually search for the best ways to manage staff and raise standards of the staff and the restaurant.
    • Great recommendations from former employers.
    • Technical aptitude and eagerness to pursue and utilize new technologies that help the business thrive.
    • Willingness to deny the temptation of victimization by work or any situation you find yourself in.
    • Courage to take risks and exceed your own expectations. Also, the courage to be honest with yourself about your own performance and the performance of your team.
    • 1 year minimum commitment.

    • Starting salary commensurate with experience. Potential for bonuses and/or raises with proven exceptional job performance and adherence to budgets, labor, and sales goals.

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    I'm very interested in this opportunity, but did not see an email to submit a resume. What is the best way to contact you to apply?