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Associate Brewmaster at Rogue Ales and Spirits

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  • Associate Brewmaster at Rogue Ales and Spirits

    The Associate Brewmaster is responsible for overseeing production and admin activities in the brewery while collaborating with the Brewmaster and our team of department leads on daily and long-term plans. This salary role reports directly to our Brewmaster.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    • Direct the teams responsible for 24/7 brewery operations, including wort production, fermentation and filtration
    • Interview, hire, and train new brewing staff members
    • Assume a teaching role in staff development, program creation / implementation, and evaluation.
    • Develop and manage SOP creation for all brewhouse / cellar operations
    • Maintain an active role in the daily brewing process
    • Identify improvement opportunities in recipes, brewing processes, and quality assurance
    • Formulate production strategies for new brewing processes
    • Review weekly and monthly efficiency metrics
    • Develop, implement, and evaluate improvement initiatives designed to facilitate greater production efficiencies and quality
    • Communicate with outside vendors regarding facility and equipment improvement bids and logistics
    • Participation as an active member of Rogue Management team, developing brewery policies, procedures and protocols
    • Maintain facility and ensure equipment is kept in optimal working condition
    • Serve as the public face of the Rogue brewing team, including attending impactful festivals, events, and conferences throughout the year
    • Be an advocate, mentor and coach to a world class team of passionate craftsmen and women
    • Ensure a safe working environment for employees
    • Enforce compliance with local, county, state, and federal government safety requirements
    If you are interested in applying or learning more about the position, please click the following link: