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Looking for an Assistant Brewing to join Foulmouthed Brewing in South Portland Maine!

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  • Looking for an Assistant Brewing to join Foulmouthed Brewing in South Portland Maine!

    Position : Full time Assistant Brewer in South Portland Maine for immediate hire.

    History Foulmouthed Brewing is a full service brew-pub in South Portland, Maine. We opened in the summer of 2016 with 6 beers on tap and only growlers available for packaged goods. Since then we have brewed over 100 unique beer recipes and have added both bottles and cans to our offerings. We operate on a 10BBL brewhouse to produce single batches for in house consumption and 20BBL double batches for canning along with an exciting barrel aging and wild beer program. We are currently producing about 1000 barrels annually and are growing at an intentionally slow and steady pace that promotes creativity, and quality over quantity.

    Job Summary : The assistant brewer will be responsible for Assistant Brewer and Cellarperson duties including but not limited to production, packaging, inventory management, cleaning and maintenance of facility, equipment and supplies. Complete tasks assigned by head brewer with a positive attitude toward the diversity of tasks and the ability to transition between assignments as needed. Duties will include but are not limited to, wort production, beer packaging and transfers, cleaning, collaborating, record keeping, computer use, and maintaining cleanliness and flow of the brewery to Foulmouthed Brewing’s standards.

    Assistant Brewer
    ● Follow a complex set of instructions precisely.
    ● Strict attention to detail with a dedication to maintaining a clean, neat, and safe working environment.
    ● Maintain an accurate and well documented account of current inventory.
    ● Prepare all brewery vessels with appropriate time before needed.
    ● Operate the pilot (homebrew) system for pilot brew concepts, yeast propagation and cask conditioning needs.
    ● Dry hop and add adjuncts to beer without compromising the product.
    ● Rack a beer into a finishing tank and carbonate it to the proper level.
    ● Rack beer into and out of a barrel.
    ● Maintain accurate and thorough daily log entries and other pertinent documentation.
    ● Make appropriate changes to temp, fermentation and carbonation levels. as needed.
    ● Perform a forced diacetyl test and come to a conclusion.
    ● Possess or be able to acquire a forklift certification.
    ● Maintain a positive attitude toward the diversity of tasks, and transition easily between assignments as needs and priorities change as is critical to our mutual success.
    ● Work with Management to keep and improvement log on all issues as they develop.
    ● Inventory, organization, cleaning and general maintenance of 1/6 bbl (5.16 gal) and 1/2 bbl (15.5 gal) stainless steel beer kegs.
    ● Package beer into Kegs as needed and accurately label with a Keg Collar.
    ● Operate, maintain and repair 2-head keg washer & all related packaging equipment.
    ● Assist with the filling, stacking, palletizing and conditioning of full kegs.
    ● Clean tap lines.
    ● Strong mechanical aptitude with a basic knowledge of plumbing, direct fire natural gas burners, C02 and compressed air/gas systems.
    ● Operate the bottle filling station, capper and labeler.
    ● Work safely with, near, and around potentially hazardous chemicals including, but not limited to: acids, caustics, detergents, sanitizers, and refrigerants.
    ● Work safely with, near and around potentially hazardous gases including, but not limited to: steam, compressed air, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and liquid nitrogen.
    ● Follow proper safety and material handling procedures including adherence to company policies, workplace standards and MSDS protocols along with the proper use and maintenance of personal protective equipment.
    ● Work safely in an environment that includes pressurized pipes, hoses, and vessels (tanks).
    ● Analyze, problem solve, multitask and focus in an environment that often includes multiple sensory distractions.
    ● Safely operate a powered stacker, pallet jack, 2-wheeled dolly and/or other materials handling equipment.
    ● Move (lift/push/pull) heavy items while safely utilizing proper tools and equipment.
    ● Flexible work schedule including days, nights and weekends as needed.
    ● Willingness and ability to provide tours as needed.
    ● Have a solid public speaking aptitude and ability to gauge and engage an audience.
    ● Safely lift up to 55 pounds individually and up to 150+ pounds with assistance.
    ● Possess a valid driver’s license and have a reliable way to work even in inclement weather.
    ● Work in an environment that is :
    ○ Hot, cold, steamy, foggy, and generally wet working conditions
    ○ Loud noise (up to 90 dB)
    ○ Exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals, gases and extremely hot and/or cold liquids
    ○ Exposure to biological organisms necessary for fermentation; yeast, bacteria, fungi.
    ○ Exposure to pressurized pipes, hoses and vessels (tanks)
    ○ Exposure to complex machinery with potentially dangerous moving parts
    ○ Wet floors
    ○ Occasional entry into confined spaces

    ● Promote the brand at festivals and beer events as needed.
    ● Be available to help the team and other departments as needed.
    ● Willing to work above and beyond scheduled hours as needed.

    ● High school diploma or GED required.
    ● Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    ● Two years brewing experience as assistant brewer or cellarperson.
    ● Level 1 Cicerone Certified Beer Server.

    Special Requirements
    ● Ability to work days, nights and weekends as needed.
    ● Pass a criminal background search
    ● Have a valid driver’s License and reliable transportation to work.
    ● Must be 21+ years of age without any alcohol related offenses or convictions within two (2) years of employment pursuant to Maine law, and candidates must be willing to sign an affidavit to that effect in order to secure employment with foulmouthed brewing.

    Abilities and Knowledge
    ● Strong communication skills interacting with both internal and external personal.
    ● Ability to follow a complex set of instructions precisely.
    ● Strong problem solving aptitude and ability to present solutions to management before enacting them.
    ● Strong aptitude to organizational skills.
    ● Knowledge of brewing supplies, equipment.
    ● Ability to multitask as needed.
    ● Maintain a calm demeanor in a stressful environment.
    ● Ability to work in a team environment and follow instructions from Head Brewer and Owner/Operation Director.
    ● Strong understanding of Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

    Equipment Expectations
    ● 10 BBL brewhouse and everything that it encompasses. HLT, CLT, etc.
    ● All brewing equipment, CIP Pump, hoses, Keg washer, walkie stacker, heaters, scales, grain mills, hydrometers, pH testers.
    ● Various compressed gasses and their respective, regulators, valves and connectors.
    ● Computer use - Google Sheets, Beer Tools, e-mail, online calendar.
    ● Other tech - telephone, printer, POS.

    Physical and working conditions:
    ● Ability to sit, stand, walk, stoop, kneel, bend, crouch, climb, lift, reach, pull, push for extended periods of time.
    ● Ability to work in small spaces.
    ● Lift 55# regularly and up to 160# with assistance of hand truck.
    ● Mental and visual attention to detail
    ● Seeing, talking, hearing, listening, tasting, and smelling

    ● Exposure of environmental conditions including : heat, hot fluids, pressurized vessels, chemicals and a dynamic work environment.

    ● All requirements and duties are subject to possible modification to accommodate individuals with disabilities. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instructions requested by their supervisor.
    ● Foulmouthed brewing reserves the right to add to or revise an employee’s job duties at any time at its sole discretion.
    ● This document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, other than an “at will” employment relationship.

    Please submit a resume and cover letter to