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Standard Brewing /// Sovereign Brewing seeks brewer

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  • Standard Brewing /// Sovereign Brewing seeks brewer


    Standard Brewing is an owner-operated brewpub running a 7 bbl system and (9) 7 bbl unitanks in an efficient, tight space. We produce a wide range of styles, but primarily focus on IPAs and lagers at this facility. We aim to serve our immediate community first and foremost, where we have had our roots since 2013. Less than a mile away, our sister brewery, Sovereign Brewing, houses 6 more fermenters where we produce Saison, spontaneous, brett and/or fruited ales of Belgian/French inspiration. The brewhouse at Standard supplies wort to both locations. The role of brewer at Standard is one that wears many hats. This position is involved in wort production, cleaning tanks and racking beer at Standard, and bottling/racking, tank cleaning and general support at Sovereign. The brewer at Standard works closely with owner/head brewer to keep things aloft in our uniquely flexible brewery. Production brewing experience is a must.

    • Wort production on our very manual 7 bbl system
    • Keeping of tight records and other relevant information
    • Monitoring of fermentation
    • Dry-hopping
    • Yeast management
    • Tank CIPs/SIPs
    • Tank to tank transfers
    • General upkeep and maintenance of equipment
    • Daily activity tracking and records
    • Constant multitasking
    • Inventory tracking of raw materials
    • Continuous dialogue with other members of the team
    • Contribute to a flexible, respectful, positive and enjoyable work atmosphere for those around you. Our crew is tiny, but we make awesome beer, and we are really passionate about what we do. We keep a sense of humor even during stressful times and pride in everything we do. Keeping this dream alive requires that everyone is committed to this idea.
    • Ability to work long hours on your feet
    • Passion for, and experience in producing nuanced, delicate lagers.
    • Experience in yeast management, with an open mind to new concepts. We use a unique top-cropping method and use our house ale strain for many, many generations with great success. Managing this process requires extra thoughtfulness, and experience-derived intuition.
    • Toughness of spirit and strong work ethic. Brewing is not easy work, but if you’re here, you know it’s fulfilling. We strive to make world class beer on a small scale, and the extra work this requires can be demanding.
    • Excellent time management skills. You must work with some sense of urgency to be effective in this role.
    • Great communication skills. The open dialogue between brain trusts keeps our techniques and methods evolving. While we have developed a certain way of doing things, anything is up for questioning if there is reason to do so, and evidence to support a hypothesis. Good communication is the crux of this process.
    • Self-motivation. You must be able to work in tandem with others, but thrive when alone.
    • Broad mechanical know-how. Things break and you should be able to either find a fix or identify most problems that can occur in a brewery environment.
    • Excellent deductive reasoning
    • A friendly and affable demeanor. Our brewery opens up to our patio, and occasional guest interactions do occur. Representing the brewery in a positive way is critical.
    • Our brewery is tiny and tight. Being able to move adeptly in this space is very important.
    • Experience with old world traditions is not necessary, but an interest in them is. The brewer will occasionally be asked to assist in Sovereign Brewing activities of barrel transfers, packaging and other tasks around the cellar.
    • Forklift experience
    • Competitive pay (DOE)
    • Beer, beer, beer, etc …
    • Shift meal
    • Flexible work schedule – getting the work done is usually more important than when it happens
    • Potential to grow role and obtain equity in the future
    Interested parties, please send an introduction and resume to