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    The Job & Brewery

    Refined Fool is a brewery in Sarnia, Ontario that prides itself in creativity and community. We have been open for 7 years and have produced over 130+ different styles of beers.

    Currently we operate two locations. Our original location, located in the revitalized downtown of Sarnia has a 3bbl pilot system, ideal for experimentation and one off seasonals. This location has a retail store and 72 capacity tap room which hosts community events and live music. In April of 2018 we opened our second location in Sarnia’s busiest commercial district, with a 10bbl brew system, 150 capacity tap room, and retail store. We are looking for someone with brewing experience to join our team.

    About Sarnia

    Sarnia is a city of 75,000 in the Southwestern part of Ontario tucked next to the beautiful shores of Lake Huron and St. Clair River. An hour southwest of London, ON and an hour north of Detroit, Michigan. The freshwater beaches are beautiful and consistently win awards, the weather is moderate because of the lake effect off Lake Huron, the community is welcoming and hospitable, with housing prices being half the provincial average. It’s a great community to settle in with a family or single and the area where Refined Fool finds itself is located a block from the St.Clair river waterfront where its downtown is undergoing a revitalization of its commercial and residential areas.

    Required Experience
    • Brewer Technician Diploma and/or related educational background is an asset
    • 2+ years Previous experience in brewery environment, as brewer or assistant brewer
    • Experience on a 10bbl brew deck or similar
    • CIP, packaging line and lab experience

    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Ability to perform all tasks associated with making great and consistent craft beers, from milling to the packaging tank and yeast management.
    • Conducts a pre-inspection and operates all equipment associated with the brewing processes. Equipment includes but is not limited to the mill, mash kettle, lauter tun, boiler, whirlpool, fermenters, chiller, filtration.
    • Packaging, cellaring, and cleaning
    • Handling chemicals and working with chemicals in a safe manner especially with cleaning
    • Prepares, organizes and tracks all materials used during the brewing process. Monitors the processes and makes adjustments as required to meet Refined Fool’s high quality standards. Maintains accurate and timely reporting throughout the brewing and distillation processes. Manage raw material inventory to ensure availability for brewing. Experience completing these tasks with EKOS brewery management software is an asset.
    • Ability to perform thorough sanitation duties including the cleaning and maintenance of equipment and utensils to ensure quality standards are met
    • Must be willing to pitch in on tasks outside your key responsibilities
    • Promote accident prevention by eliminating potential hazards and incorporating proper body mechanics in training procedures.
    • Willing to work nights and weekends

    Qualifications & Skills
    • Passion and creativity for Craft Beer Industry and Culture
    • Strong understanding of equipment and the science of brewing
    • Must be competent with Google Suite and learn new software seamlessly
    • Determined and results-oriented (more than just great ideas)
    • Must enjoy making great beer and know the commitment required to get there
    • A positive attitude and work well with others including training others
    • Open lines of communications and lead processes to ensure that is the case
    • Experience with QA/QC work, lab work especially, is an asset