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Brewer - LIC Beer Project Queens, NY

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  • Brewer - LIC Beer Project Queens, NY

    We are excited to offer a unique opportunity to join LIC Beer Project as a Brewer! This position’s primary responsibilities will be the daily production of wort, cellar work, and beer filtration.

    The Brewer will be responsible for the production, and overall execution of the brewing process from wort production to packaging. The ideal candidate will have strong personal leadership skills, communicate effectively, and go above and beyond the duties assigned while contributing to a positive work environment. The candidate must be willing to work weekends, holidays, and overtime as needed, sometimes 45 + hours/week. The position will report directly to the Director of Operations.

    Brewhouse operations: All responsibilities of wort production including milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpooling, knockout, grain out. Brewhouse CIP

    Cellar-related operations: Responsible for monitoring fermentation. CIP, cell counting, checking gravities, dry-hopping schedule and procedures, yeast disposal. recording fermentations, reading BBT levels and recording, checking DO and Co2.

    Quality Assurance Operations: cell counts, pitch Rates, gravity measurements, DO measurements, process sampling, yeast viability measurement, tasting panel.

    The effluent process as it relates to the above operations. Maintain cleaning and organizing standards, a daily record of activities accurately and legibly recorded.

    3-5 years in a production brewery. Formal brewing education from an accredited brewing program is preferred.

    Physical working conditions are required within this position. Working in, on, and around vessels and pipes under pressure containing air, CO2, water, beer, chemicals, steam, and hazardous chemicals is commonplace. Process temperatures vary from 2 C to 100 C, which causes varying ambient temperature conditions. Handling objects up to 100 pounds requires moderate physical activity occasionally and/or up to 50 pounds frequently.

    Send cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to