Role Seeking: Assistant Distiller
Position Type: Full Time Employment
Location: Golden, Colorado in the Denver Metro
Compensation: Hourly Wage commensurate with experience
Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision Insurance; 401K plan; Paid time off, Sick leave and
Life insurance.

Company Description:
Golden Moon is a craft distillery that is a premier producer of whiskey, pre-prohibition style liqueurs and
fruit-to-glass spirits in Colorado. We are based in Golden, CO and have a 9,000 sq ft production facility
with a Tasting Room onsite, as well as a Speakeasy in downtown Golden. We are currently looking for a
full-time Assistant Distiller that is a motivated and responsible employee who will help our small
business grow.

Job Description:
The Assistant Distiller’s primary focus is Production and Packaging efforts with a secondary focus on
Maintenance, Safety and Cleaning. The individual should be flexible to change their daily responsibilities,
be able to multi-task, be a hard worker with a can-do attitude, be a team player, while also performing
tasks by themselves. This team member will be responsible for the creation of all our various spirits,
overseeing production, managing inventory, commitment to quality control, regulatory compliance, and
maintaining a safe and operating facility.

Primary Role:
 Assisting in day-to-day responsibilities of spirit Production while keeping the production schedule in
line with order and distribution requirements
 Performing all aspects of production, including mashing, fermenting, distilling, and maturation of
spirits, as well as bottling, labeling, and packaging finished products
 Lead role in the entire Packaging process with a keen eye for details to maintain high standards and
 Ensure that Safety is a top priority when running the operations of the distillery and its equipment

Role Specific Responsibilities:
 Assist and support in all operations of the distillery, no job is too small for a member of our small
 Quickly learn and be able to explain our entire spirit portfolio confidently and correctly
 Ability to lauter, mash, operate a still, and perform other tasks by yourself
 Assist in filling, weighing, gauging, labeling, and placement of barrels
 Accurately and timely completion of Production reporting, data entry, inventory, and detailing of
tasks completed
 Track inventory and inform when orders need to be made
 Assist in lab analysis and track compliance data for all distilled spirits created onsite
 Help develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for future production employees
 Maintain and clean all systems owned by the company

General Responsibilities:
 Timely and efficient execution of all work instructions
 Adherence to all stated OSHA procedures and practices, by conducting your work safely, efficiently,
and diligently at all times
 Ability to lift ~50lbs, climb and crawl around equipment, pull long hoses, and perform other physical
activities throughout your shift, as required to complete distillery/warehouse operations
 Cleaning of floors, bathrooms, and the production area so that the distillery is presentable, and
safety is maintained

Essential Qualifications:
 2+ year(s) experience in brewing and/or spirit production with a focus on quality assurance
 Ability to work the following on their own – mill, lauter tun, mash tun, stills, etc.
 Strong understanding of mechanical systems
 Knowledge of laboratory practices
 OSHA - Fork Lift certification (or complete within first 3 months)
 OSHA – 10 Hour Safety course (or complete within first 3 months)
 TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) certification (or complete within first 3 months)

Personal Attributes:
 A passion for craft spirits
 Ability to work in a multi-skilled dynamic environment
 Self-starter, high level of initiative with an ability to work un-supervised
 Safety conscious at all times towards self and others
 Meticulous attention to quality, process and documentation
 Good communicator, articulate, friendly and well presented
 Strong computer literacy (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.)

Interested applicants should submit their resume & cover letter w/wage expectations to