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Brewer at Unbranded Brewing Co. in Miami, FL

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  • Brewer at Unbranded Brewing Co. in Miami, FL

    Unbranded Brewing Company is a 30-bbl, 30,000 sq. ft. facility situated in Miami, FL. We opened for business in January 2020. We are looking for a brewer to work closely with our production manager to brew our signature beers and create innovative products as we move forward. This position would afford and encourage creative freedom with regard to recipe development, which fits with our company ethos. Unbranded Brewing Company is a family-owned business with a unique history behind its name: the founder’s family is the origin of the word “maverick”. The first definition of the word “maverick” is “an unbranded range animal” since Samuel Augustus Maverick didn’t brand his cattle in 1800s Texas, leading all iconoclasts thereafter to be called “mavericks”.

    Job Title
    Full-time position as Brewer at Unbranded Brewing Company.

    Job Description
    The Brewer will be responsible for leading all facets of the brewing process from grain to glass. The Brewer will work together with fellow staff and management to support Company objectives.

    The Brewer will be responsible for:
    • Effective communication with customers, staff, and management
    • Production of high quality beer, including recipe formulation and development
    • QA/QC, including sensory evaluation and lab work
    • Management of fermentation and production schedule
    • Yeast management
    • Inventory management, including ingredient selection and inspection, and management of raw material orders/shipments and inventories
    • Kegging, transferring, and cellaring of beer
    • Oversight of tap room manager’s maintenance of beer draught lines
    • Ensuring proper use of all chemical agents
    • Maintenance of a sanitary and spotless brewery and brewery floor area utilizing CIP & other standard brewery sanitation/cleaning procedures
    • Participation in company events as needed, e.g. beer festivals, scheduled tastings, block parties, brewer’s dinners, etc.
    • Implementation of safety procedures for the brewery and enforcing of employee compliance
    • Coordination with ownership and brewery education coordinator on staff education
    • Enthusiastic representation of the company and brand

    Physical requirements of the Brewer include:
    • Ability to lift 55 lbs. and move up to 165 lbs. using traditional methods
    • Ability to ascend and descend a staircase and/or ladder
    • Ability to work near moving mechanical parts
    • Ability to work in wet conditions and in extreme cold or heat
    • Ability to crouch, kneel, stoop, crawl and other brewing/cellaring maneuvers into tight spaces repeatedly
    • Ability to work safely around chemicals, heights, loud noises, mechanical equipment and other potential hazards

    Compensation and Benefits
    In this position, you would be regularly scheduled to work 40 hours each week. Unbranded Brewing Company offers competitive wages based on previous work experience, to be paid upon completion of all necessary forms and background check(s).

    You will be eligible for health insurance within a maximum of two (2) years, contingent upon the solvency of the company (Unbranded Brewing Company).

    Required Forms and Signatures
    Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), our company is required to verify the identity and work authorization of all newly hired employees. Therefore, you will be required to complete a Form I-9 upon hire. Within three business days of beginning employment, you will need to supply acceptable documentation (as noted on the Form I-9) of your identity and work authorization.

    Please message us here or contact the co-owner directly: