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Opening for a brewer in key west, fl

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  • Opening for a brewer in key west, fl

    This position is located at The Waterfront Brewery in Key West, FL.

    Work closely with the Lead Brewer to ensure that all orders are kegged and ready for distribution, that brews are on schedule and that cleanliness/sanitation of the brew room and equipment is ongoing.

    Primary Duties:
    • Assist with brewhouse operations as needed
    • Tank cleaning and sanitation
    • Transferring of beer to fermenter and to serving tanks
    • Take and record level readings on the serving tanks
    • Monitor and record fermentation progress in fermenters
    • Monitor pressure build up in fermenters
    • Record daily activities according to TTB requirements
    • Keg off beer in the serving tank as needed
    • Monitor and make root beer
    • Ensure all brewery areas and vessels are cleaned and organized
    • Take delivery of malt and other raw materials as needed; verify order and sort by type for future inventory taking
    • Preventative maintenance acid washing and re-passivation of all tanks
    • Attend and work at beer festivals, promoting the brewery
    • Read brewing periodicals
    • Any and all other duties as assigned

    Job Requirements:
    • Work with an eye toward safety, especially in the handling of dangerous chemicals
    • Detail oriented, especially with regards to cleanliness and sanitation
    • Ability to lift 55+ lbs regularly and repeatedly; ability to move 165 lbs.
    • Ability to work 8+ hours on your feet in a hot, wet, noisy environment
    • Exposure to extreme temperatures (hot)
    • Must be able to speak, read, and write in English
    If you would like more information on the position and what it entails, or if you're interested in applying, please email
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