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  • Head brewer - Howzit Brewing - Honolulu, HI

    Due to a life event change our planned head brewer has had to step away, which means now is your chance to live and work in paradise. Howzit Brewing in Honolulu, Hawai’i is seeking a motivated and passionate head brewer to be part of our launch team. This role reports directly to the owner and is responsible for managing and executing all aspects of production from grain to glass. We will lean heavily on and defer to your experience and knowledge to help set the culture and tone of the production side of the business. This is an amazing opportunity for a self-starter that is seeking more creative control and autonomy in their day-to-day with an opportunity for career growth as the company grows. We’ve got a fun team in an amazing location, come join us!

    If you’re reading this listing odds are you already know what it entails, but responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
      • Operate and manage our 7bbl indirect fire gas brewhouse and 135bbl cellar from grain to glass, ensuring safe, effective & efficient execution while creating the highest quality possible beer.
      • Establish the processes and protocols for the production side of the business, focusing on safety while holding the end product quality standards to the highest possible levels.
      • Product conceptualization and recipe development. We are all passionate beer nerds and have love for both classic styles and creative ones, and expect our tap list to reflect this passion. A classic German pils next to an adjunct stout next to a smoothie sour? Bring it. While there’s no such thing as perfection we expect this team member to be a creative perfectionist.
      • Work with management to create a production schedule and expect to be held to it. Address and correct any issues as needed, reporting any major issues or delays immediately so that sales/marketing/etc. can shift as needed.
      • Manage inventory of all brewing ingredients, working with management and/or directly ordering from suppliers to ensure all ingredients and chemicals are available to meet production schedules.
      • Maintain complete and accurate brewery records. Proficient in both Google Docs and EKOS.
      • Establish and maintain all QA/QC efforts and help create an in-house sensory panel.
      • Yeast management. Maintain yeast & bacteria cultures, repitching and harvesting as necessary in a sanitary manner.
      • Track and manage preventative and required maintenance schedules for all equipment used in production.
      • Work with management to project and fulfill future equipment and staffing needs based on growth projections.
      • All other tasks as needed

    Desired Skills and Experience
      • First and foremost, a passion for craft beer and a positive attitude
      • 5+ years professional brewing experience, or the equivalent experience plus formal brewing education
      • Experience producing and managing 1,000+ bbl beer annually
      • Experience brewing on a gas fired brewhouse (current kettle is 7bbl indirect fire Practical Fusion kettle)
      • Deep experience brewing both classic styles and new classics. Ideal candidate will be grounded in tradition with a desire to push boundaries. We value an open/creative/experimental mindset because we believe that beer should be fun and not constrained by strict historical boxes.
      • Ability to multitask, troubleshoot, problem solve and execute
      • Creative thinker and mechanically inclined, when things break figure out ways to either fix it or work around the issue
      • A PhD in GSD. See something that needs to be done? Do it.
      • Must be computer literate and be able to work efficiently with google suite, docs and spreadsheets (or Microsoft versions of same)
      • Positive, enthusiastic attitude! Be the type of person you’d like to work with and hang around. (Yeah, attitude is on the list twice, it’s that important - nobody wants to work with someone that is negative about every. damn. thing.)
      • Ability to work in a lean, fast paced environment with minimal to no guidance when needed

    Physical and Mental Requirements
      • Able to stand, walk, be on your feet for long periods of time
      • Able to regularly kneel, climb, bend, crawl, twist, lift and carry 55 pounds.
      • Regularly lift, push, or pull up to 200+ pounds using appropriate equipment
      • Climb ladders and perform jobs while standing on a ladder
      • Work in wet, tight, or cramped spaces and/or awkward positions for extended periods of time.
      • Able to work in an environment which may be hot, cold, loud and/or slippery.
      • Work in an environment with high noise levels.
      • Work with hazardous chemicals.

      • $55-75K Annual Salary D.O.E.
      • Company/personal bonus plan
      • 2 weeks paid vacation
      • Free beer (duh)

    If interested message me here for contact info, don't need another bot scraping the page for contact info and spamming me.

    Note that we are not looking for a brewery consultant and any inquiries around that will get ignored.
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    I would like to talk to you about your head brewer opening. 406-529-6919


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      Really appreciate everyone that's reached out here or via insta so far, keep 'em coming! Replies will likely be delayed on this side as I work my way through everything.


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        Hey Justin,

        I would love to help get your beer program going, please reach out.

        Andrew (not a bot)


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          Justin, I would also like to talk to you about your



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            Hi, I'd love to discuss this position with you.


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              One last time to the top before we do round 2 interviews.