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Brewer/Cellar Ex Novo Brewing, Portland, OR

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  • Brewer/Cellar Ex Novo Brewing, Portland, OR

    Ex Novo Brewing in Portland, OR is seeking qualified, quality-minded applicants for its brewer/cellarperson position. This is a full-time, hourly position, available now. We are operating a 10bbl, 2-vessel brewery with capacity of 3,600bbls/year. In full transparency, since the news is out and public, Ex Novo currently has its Portland facility listed for sale. The timeline is unknown, but what is certain is that we will stay open and continue to brew and package world class beer as long as possible. If/when a transition is complete, it is highly likely that a lateral move within the purchasing company will be offered, and sufficient notice will be given.

    The person in this role will be responsible for the operation of a 10 bbl brewhouse and cellar operations to produce a variety of beer styles in strict adherence to Ex Novo’s process, quality and safety standards.

    This position requires, but is not limited to:

    · At least two years’ experience brewing in a small- to mid-sized craft brewery
    · Ingredient handling and measurement
    · Operation of 10bbl, 2-vessel brewhouse
    · Safe operation of grain and spent grain handling equipment
    · Fermentation monitoring
    · CIP/SIP of all brewery vessels
    · Wort and beer transfer
    · Yeast harvesting, pitching and health management (cell counts/viability/pitch rate calculation)
    · Dry-hopping
    · Fining
    · Carbonation
    · Manual cleaning of equipment and parts
    · Basic brewery equipment maintenance (e.g.- pump seal replacement, mill belt replacement)
    · Great palate for beer with sharp olfactory and taste senses
    · Keg washing and filling
    · Canning line operation assistance
    · Facilities maintenance (cleaning of floors, surfaces, common areas)
    · Raw material and finished product handling (forklift and other equipment operation for warehousing and to load/unload trucks)
    · Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    · Team player mentality—There will be times when duties outside of the specific job description will be required. This may include assistance in packaging and warehouse operations, representing brewery at events and conducting tours of brewery, among others
    · Flexibility in schedule to work days, nights and weekends as required
    · Focus on safety
    · Full mobility and physical capability to safely and effectively work in a brewery environment including:
    o Standing up to 10 hours per shift
    o Stooping, bending, crouching, reaching
    o Adept handling of small parts and all equipment necessary to the job
    o Lifting up to 55 pounds to shoulder height repetitively
    o Moving up to 170 pounds at floor level repetitively
    o Use of pallet jack to move pallets of grain and pallets of kegs and cases of beer
    o Working in often hot/wet/cold/humid conditions
    o Ability to walk up and down stairs throughout shift
    o Near and far distance sight
    o Use of ladders

    In addition to the above, the proper candidate will possess understanding of Microsoft Office or similar program to create documents and spreadsheets, and have the ability to communicate electronically as needed.

    Forklift experience a plus.


    BENEFITS - Ex Novo offers generous 401k matching, health insurance plans and all sorts of other perks.

    Email resume/cover letter to and