Eagle Creek Brewing Company is looking for a Brewer to provide creative and quality brewing practices and leadership. Eagle Creek is a 15 BBL Brewery in Southeast Georgia, approximately 50 miles from Savannah Georgia, and located in a University town setting. Eagle Creek currently has distribution throughout parts of Georgia and also plans to increase distribution and manufacturing in the next few years. Currently, the brewery has canning capabilities as well.

The Brewer Position will report directly to the President of Eagle Creek Brewing and will oversee and manage all brewing operations.

Qualifications for Head Brewer Position:
  • 3+ years commercial brewing experience strongly preferred, as a brewer, preferably at a brewery with an excellent track record of quality and consistency.
  • Good understanding of quality assurance/quality control and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience in basic lab work (Yeast Counts/Yeast Health/Yeast Cultures)
  • Experience in raw ingredient receiving/inventory management
  • Computer competency with accurate record-keeping skills (government compliance documents and reports)
  • Experience with operating canning lines is a strong plus.
  • A creative thinker with a strong drive to keep learning. Possess the work ethic, organizational skills, mechanical aptitude, and passion to push the boundaries in every possible way.
  • Ability to manage people and a desire to share and teach others about craft beer.
  • Ability to be socially active and represent the company at industry events/tasting room
  • Can perform tasks with little or no supervision.
  • Possess a desire to learn and grow with the company.
  • Ability to Lift 55# bags repeatedly
  • Ability to work on your feet for over eight hours at a time.

  • Responsible for the entire brewing and quality control process from “grain to glass”, including scheduling, inventory, brewing, cellaring, QA/QC, and packaging/kegging operations.
  • Recipe development, scaling existing recipes, and collaboration with the management team to develop new and unique beers.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining production schedules and meeting targeted production metrics
  • Maintain inventory of raw materials and chemicals required to produce to schedule.
  • Maintain inventory of packaging materials required to keep up with production.
  • Perform and schedule equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs to minimize brewery downtime.
  • Maintain a clean, safe, and well-organized facility.
  • Multi-task and develop/follow standard operating procedures (brewhouse, cellaring, packaging etc.)
  • Responsible for maintaining the timeliness, accuracy, and consistency of all elements of production brewing.
  • Maintaining accurate records in compliance with all applicable federal and state requirements
  • Representing the brewery at industry events/brewhouse/taproom

  1. Salary Position – Full Time. Compensation level based on experience. Performance-based yearly raise opportunity.
  2. 10 days/8 hours each day per year of Paid Time Off, includes sick and personal time unless otherwise discussed and approved. PTO must be approved with 1 month's notice.
  3. Medical insurance contribution.
  4. Food, beer, merchandise discounts, admission to events, such as beer festivals, conferences, or education.

Please send cover letter and resume to: info@eaglecreekbrewingco.com

Alcohol Responsibility – The candidate must fully understand that they are a representative of not only the company but of the alcohol beverage industry. They are to conduct themselves within the limits of the law and with concern to the education of responsible consumption at all times. This includes working hours, trade shows, festivals, and while entertaining in the name of the company or its affiliates. Any poor reflection or legal matters that may arise due to poor judgment may be dealt with by means of disciplinary action up to and including termination.