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Brewer- Lost Province Brewing Company- Boone NC

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  • Brewer- Lost Province Brewing Company- Boone NC

    The primary responsibility for the brewery at Lost Province Brewing Company LLC (LPBC), is to produce the finest quality traditional beer styles and innovative craft beers using both traditional and novel ingredients and brewing techniques.
    We produce beers for both the restaurant at LPBC and for wholesale or retail distribution sales to other establishments. Success for LPBC depends upon collaborative and collegial work among and between all members of the brewery staff. This means that all brewery staff must participate in all functions, duties, and tasks associated with brewery operations, as directed by the Director of Brewing Operations. Participation in marketing, sales, and advertising efforts is also a vital and necessary aspect of job duties for brewery staff at LPBC.
    Brewery staff at LPBC must be hardworking, highly motivated, quality focused, safety driven, and team oriented. Based on a “Team Concept” of operations, the following list indicates the kinds of work that are expected to be performed by a Cellar Technician at LPBC. It is not definitive, and it is not necessarily inclusive.
    1. Cleaning and sanitizing, kegs, growlers, tanks, and other brewing equipment.
    2. Filling and labelling kegs.
    3. Maintenance and organization of the beer cooler.
    4. Assisting with brewing operations, as directed.
    5. Cleaning, sanitizing, and repair of draft lines for beer service.
    6. Assisting with packaging and canning line support.
    7. Faithfully represent LPBC brands at events and festivals as needed.
    8. Assist with product distribution and delivery to outside entities.
    9. Assist with special tasks as needed or directed.
    Cellar Technicians may be asked to perform other additional duties to promote the success of LPBC and its employees.
    Experience is preferred. Pay based on experience.

    If interested please email