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Oak City Brewing Company - Head Brewer - Competitive Pay+Benefits+Creative Direction

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  • Oak City Brewing Company - Head Brewer - Competitive Pay+Benefits+Creative Direction

    Head Brewer Job Description

    Interested? Send resume to


    Oak City Brewing Company is an established growing microbrewery seeking an experienced head brewer to help lead the business towards continued growth. As the head brewer, you will be responsible for ensuring we consistently turn out quality products. This high-level role requires excellent time/interpersonal management skills, a strong knowledge of raw material sourcing and the beer production process. You will often be the face of the company, working closely with the marketing team to improve the profile of the brewery. As the main point of contact, you will serve as liaison with suppliers, staff and consumers.

    • Overseeing the day-to-day production of beer
    • Managing all inventory and rearranging production schedules when necessary
    • Monitoring the quality, temperature, flavor, and carbonation
    • Monitoring and adjusting the water profile for specific beer types
    • Working with assistant brewer in monitoring and propagating yeast
    • Overseeing the packaging, sale, and transfer of beer
    • Maintaining brewery production, cleaning, scheduling, preventative maintenance, and repairs
    • Recruiting, hiring, and training brewery team
    • Digital documentation regarding production quantities, brewing notes, recipes and taxation related
    • Recirc cleaning Taphouse draft tower twice a month
    • Representing our brewery at special events and meetings
    • Monitoring current industry trends and identifying potential competition
    • Maintaining staff safety standards
    • Close coordination with Marketing manager to improve the brewery brand. Includes coordination regarding events, brewing related social media content, speciality beers in coordination with planned events
    • Close coordination with Taphouse manager regarding inventory, regular draft line cleaning & maintenance and training/educating taphouse staff about beer ingredients, flavors, etc
    • Creation and implementation of brewing operational processes for use by head brewer, assistant brewer and taphouse staff
    • Close coordination with Owners regarding new recipes, budget, equipment maintenance/needs, and overall health/quality/growth of the brewery and beer production.
    • Proper understanding and use of PPE and healthy workplace practices at all times

    Necessary Skills & Qualifications:
    • Minimum 3 years previous brewery experience on at least a 3bbl system
    • Proficient computer skills a MUST (e.g. documentation, online ordering, recipe creation are all completed electronically)
    • Proficient with BeerSmith and/or other recipe software
    • Experience using Ekos and/or Arryved POS a plus (not required)
    • Ability to manage time, brewing schedule, resources and staff
    • Experience with creating new recipes as well as improving existing recipes for flavor, budget, production and/or ingredient availability reasons
    • Experience in creating, documenting and implementing new brewery processes
    • Excellent management and leadership skills
    • Familiarity with brewery equipment and technology
    • Experience documenting and filing brewery production amounts for taxation purposes a plus (not required)
    • Inherent desire to innovate, improve and learn
    • Fantastic interpersonal skills

    Physical Requirements:
    • Must be able to lift 75 lbs independently
    • Able to stand for long periods of time in extreme hot/cold conditions
    • Able to kneel, crouch and climb into confined spaces while working
    • Flexibility to work 40 or more variable hours as needed on heavy cleaning and brew days, either early mornings or late evenings. This will be communicated and coordinated with the head brewer.
    • Ability to travel in personal vehicle for work-related assignments

    Preferred Skills & Qualifications:
    • Degree in food science, food technology, microbiology, chemistry, or equivalent
    • Reliable transportation

    Compensation and Benefits:
    • Competitive salaried position
    • Two weeks paid vacation
    • Good affordable health insurance. Seriously
    • Room to grow and influence the direction of the brewery