54-40 is looking for a brewer/cellarperson that is ready to learn and grow in the brewery industry. We're an established brewery in SW Washington - located just 15 minutes outside of Portland, OR in Washougal, Washington. We have a 15 bbl direct fire system and have a 3500 bbl capacity.

At minimum you need to be a hard worker that shows up with a great attitude. It's great to have a degree/certificate in brewing, but it is not needed. We are willing to train you in all aspects of the industry. That means that this candidate just has to be dedicated to showing up, learning, and asking questions.

You will be exposed to sourcing raw ingredients, milling, brewing, fermentation, cellar work - including packaging, sales, delivery, and operations with distributors. Again, if you don't know any of this that's just fine with me. You'll get a real world education and be paid for it.​​


The ideal candidate will meet the following criteria:

-At least legal drinking age and come to the table with what they like and dislike about beers they have tried and be able to critique new beers with thoughtful consideration.

-A resume AND quality references that show how they have an exemplary attendance and diligence at their given work places/educational institutions.

-A knowledge of a particular trades in a plus. Those with backgrounds in construction, carpentry, plumbing, etc are welcome to apply. Tradespeople come to the table with a great deal of knowledge, mechanical aptitude, and don't mind hard work. Do not hesitate to apply if you are looking to be part of this great industry.

-IF you have worked in a brewery, we want to know likes/dislikes about where you have been and what you have done. We want to put people in the right role and we don't want to have someone out doing sales or deliveries that have no interest in such task. Be open and transparent, because you'll get the same candidness out of us.

-You need to have a clean driving record.

-We will look at local candidates first, so if you are looking at moving to the area - please come with a plan to do so.

-Ability to lift, stay on your feet, do strenuous work a must.

-TEAMWORK. Your voice is important as ours is. We want and need to hear from you, but that door swings both ways. You will need to be able to take constructive criticism and be a great communicator. We have a small team and we all need to be on the same page at all times.

-Like people? Good! We do too and you can have a voice in our market, marketing, and vision. If you don't, well maybe a production gig is better for you.

-We are small and would like to stay in our footprint of the Pacific NW. We have no aspirations to move enough beer to be a giant player with huge distributors. We will hustle and be a small craft producer with a big capacity for our size. Again, if you want to rule the world, go work for a distributor.

-Are you friendly? Because we are.

-You like time off? We do too. We are flexible with family life and want you to come to work happy and healthy, so we want you to have time for yourself.

-You will be compensated at the level of your knowledge base.

-For the right full-time salaried employees our benefits package is very ample - even compared to large regional breweries.

-What else do you want to know? How about you introduce yourself directly and let me know why you want to work in our lovely community and make beer you can be proud of?

Email me directly at bolt@54-40brewing.com - do not forget your COVER LETTER - RESUME - REFERENCES. I do check and I want to know more about you.