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Maui Brewing seeks QA/QC Supervisor (Kihei, HI)

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  • Maui Brewing seeks QA/QC Supervisor (Kihei, HI)

    Maui Brewing seeks QA/QC Supervisor (Kihei, HI)

    Please send Cover letter and resume to and

    QA/QC Supervisor
    Salary $50,000 - $70,000
    Job Description:
    This position is responsible for developing and maintaining constant proactive quality measures as well as analysis of brewing materials and products to ensure exceptional quality and optimal shelf life. Leadership of the Quality department and entire brewery team to successfully prevent any quality concerns.
    Job Responsibilities, including but not limited to:
    • Daily sampling, analysis and organization of data in accordance with a designated sampling plan.
    • Direct supervision of laboratory technician(s). Leads, mentors and develops team and facilitates interdepartmental, cross functional exposure in other operational areas.
    • Daily microbiological sampling and testing (aseptic techniques, plating, microscopy, Invisible Sentinel) in accordance with a designated sampling plan.
    • Provide monthly reports to brewing team and management noting product trends and quality deviations.
    • Apply high level root-cause analysis and problem solving skills to resolve process and beer quality issues or concerns.
    • Yeast management including harvest and propagation scheduling, cell counts, viability counts, pitch rate calculation, slant preparation/maintenance and propagation.
    • Packaged product sampling and analysis including gas analysis, seam analysis, microbiological analysis and total package quality checks.
    • Formulates and maintains quality control objectives, and coordinates objectives with production procedures with other managers to maximize quality and reliability and to minimize costs.
    • Care, cleaning and maintenance of all laboratory equipment including Cellometer, UV Spectrometer, pH, alcolyzer and densitometer.
    • Maintain and sensory analysis program, conduct scheduled sensory training for company staff.
    • Manages laboratory budget and inventory as well as making recommendations for new laboratory instrumentation, equipment and services.
    • Maintain Brewery PPE supply and contribute to management of safe brewery practices.
    • Conduct periodic Internal Quality Assurance audits
    • Contribute to a culture of consistency and constant improvement while inspiring
    • Participate in weekly meetings with brewing management team to assist with
    total brewery process flow.
    • Assist with other brewery functions and support as needed.
    • Maintain a standard of conduct that is supporting of company vision and policy.
    • Participation in Professional Brewing organizations with focus on keeping up to
    date with industry trends.
    • Prompt and Professional response to all Quality concerns and inquiries.
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    Job Requirements:
    • 1-3 years of lab experience in the brewing industry.
    • 2 years of supervisory experience.
    • Good computer functions, including spreadsheets and email.
    • Team-orientated with great communication skills.
    • Organized and detail-oriented.
    • Able to work all shifts, including overnights, weekends and holidays; occasional
    overtime may be necessary.
    Physical Requirements:
    • Able to stand, walk, climb, kneel, and lift up to 55 lbs on a regular basis.
    • Able to work with varying chemicals containing odors and requiring safety
    • Ability to work in loud, warm environments for extended periods of time.
    • Abilty to work all shifts, overtime, weekends, and holidays as necessary.
    Hours & Wages:
    This position is an exempt position as described by the Fair Labor Standards Act and does not earn overtime pay. The total wages paid is defined in the salary section of a Job Offer. The weekly hours of work can vary as an exempt employee, and can be up to 50 hours a week. It is the employee’s responsibility to clock in and out so that hours worked can be accurately tracked, and important to bring to a manager’s attention if they feel they are going to exceed 50 hours in a current work week. If employee takes unpaid time off, or is terminated with a partial work week, then the following formula will be used to calculate pay: bi-weekly salary divided by 10 multiplied by the number of days worked.
    • Health insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Company matching 401k Plan after one year of employment
    • Eligible for performance bonus per Brewery Bonus Policy
    • Accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) starts at two weeks/year based on hire date
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