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Seven Stills of San Francisco seeking brewer for immediate hire

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  • Seven Stills of San Francisco seeking brewer for immediate hire

    We are looking for experienced brewers only. Please reply to


    Seven Stills of San Francisco is a rapidly expanding Brewery and Distillery. We are looking for growth oriented candidates with a commitment to making excellent beer. We are in the midst of adding on an additional production location and are looking for team members to get in on the ground floor.


    The position will take on 2-3 brewing shifts per week in addition to assisting with cellar operations.

    All applicants must have one year hot side production experience, a passion for beer, be well organized, and have immaculate attention to detail. Applicants must be available to five days a week and take punctuality seriously.


    Hot side production: milling, mashing in, sparging, hop boil, KO, gravity adjustments

    Familiar with fundamentals behind fluid dynamics, chemical interactions, pressurized vessels

    Able to build recipes, calculate water additions, calculate required yeast cells and other typical brewery theory

    Able to recognize brewery issues (chiller, boiler, brewhouse, infections, off flavors)

    Able to take direction from production lead

    Transfer beer and wash, properly prep tanks

    Packaging (kegging & canning)

    Run CIP, familiar with sanitation practices

    Can safely handle chemicals

    Cleanliness & organization

    Troubleshoot equipment, notify production lead of any irregularities

    Keep records at direction of production lead

    OSHA and Forklift certification a plus


    Technical brewing knowledge

    Two years of professional brewing experience

    Attention to detail

    Follows directions well, can adhere to SOP's

    Willingness to learn

    Flexible schedule

    Passion for brewing

    Familiarity with tools

    Lift 60 pounds repeatedly

    Handle kegs ~ 160 pounds

    Work 8 hours on your feet

    Safely handle Chemicals


    Pay will be based off experience compared to prevailing bay area wages, healthcare is offered after two months of work.

    Only applications that answer the following two questions will receive responses:

    1.) What issues might happen during canning that would affect beer quality?

    2.) What is your favorite beer?
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