Anderson Valley Brewing Company is a mid-sized craft brewery located in beautiful (and quite rural) Northern California. Located in the town of Boonville, AVBC has been a well respected name since 1987. We are currently seeking two skilled and experienced operators who are willing to relocate to join our team. The two positions available are:

-Barrel Technician: Fills, empties, and handles barrels in the production of wood aged beers.
-Lab/Wastewater/R&D Technician: Works in the lab primarily, but other duties can include: wastewater operations, research & development, and pilot brewing.

For more information regarding either position, please send an email to with a brief introduction and a resume. All applicants must interview in person to be considered for these positions. Phone conversations and skype interviews are not a substitute. Ideal candidates will have some experience as well as college level coursework or Brewing School.

Good luck and happy brewing. Cheers,

Andy Hooper
Laboratory Manager
Anderson Valley Brewing Company