Assistant Cider Maker - Virtue Cider, Fennville, Michigan

Job Summary:

The Assistant Cider Maker will report to our Head Cider Maker and will be involved in all aspects of the cider making process. Commercial cider making/wine making/brewing experience/cellar work and the desire to learn more in a fast paced environment will be keys for the successful candidate

Job Description:

1. Cider house Operations
a. Perform all required aspects of the cider making process to Virtue standards as directed by Virtue’s Head Cider Maker (Apple handling, juice production, cleaning/sanitation, safety, and routine maintenance)
b. Assist in proper management of all cider making supplies/equipment
c. Submit cider-making documentation as required by our Head Cider Maker

2. Marketing
a. Professionally and enthusiastically interface with our customer base during tours as required

3. Facilities Maintenance
a. Keep cider-making equipment (Press, mill, tanks, hoses, etc) clean as directed
b. Keep facilities clean and clutter free

4. Other
a. Must be able to lift up to 150lbs on a regular basis
b. Ability to operate a forklift or willingness to take forklift-training class required.

Submit resume to Ryan Burk at jobs (at) virtue cider dot com