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Entry-level brewery/distillery intern

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  • Entry-level brewery/distillery intern


    WHERE: Galena Brewing Company and Blaum Brothers Distilling Company, Galena, Illinois
    PAY: $9/hour or commensurate with experience.
    HOURS: 30-40+ split time between the brewery and distillery.

    This is a unique opportunity to work for both award winning and fast growing companies. It is a great position for anyone looking to expand their professional experience and break into the craft beer and spirits industry. The ideal candidate will have a deep-seated passion for beer and/or spirits production, brewing experience at home and/or professionally and/or professional distilling experience, the ability to be flexible on hours and tasks assigned, have a sense of humor, and be capable of working with heavily bearded individuals in close quarters.

    To apply, please forward resume to

    BREWERY Responsibilities

    - CIP of brewhouse, fermenters/bright tank, and transfer of liquid between tanks.
    - Assist brewer on double batch brew days including brewing, clean-up, and preparation.
    - Maintain cleanliness and sanitation of all equipment, tanks, and work areas to brewer’s specifications.
    - Participate in beer festivals and brewery events as needed.
    - Maintain brewer’s specified SOPs in wort production, vessel cleaning and sanitation, yeast handling, fermentation, and maturation.
    - Understand and adhere to recipes, processes, and safety procedures in all tasks.
    - Willing to perform all tasks involved in the packaging process including washing and filling kegs, building bottle packaging, and assisting with canning operations.
    - Troubleshoot and report all mechanical issues to brewer as needed.
    - Clean and maintain draft lines on a weekly basis.
    - Operate and collaborate with brewer on pilot system for new and innovative brews.
    - Ship and receive products through use of a pallet jack and forklift.

    DISTILLERY Responsibilities
    - Obtain and demonstrate foundational knowledge in distillation theory and maturation.
    - Receive practical, hands on experience in all aspects of spirits production: grain selection, milling, mashing, distilling, proofing, and bottling/barreling
    - Aid in the development of potential new products
    - Assist with all behind-the-scenes duties which keep the production floor running smoothly: cleaning, organization, documentation, safety, and compliance

    Essential Job Functions
    - Must be in good physical condition and able to maneuver in confined spaces.
    - Ability to sit/stand/bend/walk and maintain manual dexterity for duration of work period.
    - Must be able to work independently and be able & willing to work morning, midday, overnight and/or weekend shifts.
    - Able to lift 55 lbs. and move at least 165 lbs., and work in extreme hot and cold environments.
    - Extremely high level of attention to detail.
    - Ability to think and act creatively, while conforming to existing standard operating procedures and federal, state, and local regulations
    - Understanding and passion for of all aspects of beer production, including grain handling, yeast management, and packaging.
    - Possess good beer knowledge and a good sense of smell, distinguishing flavors and colors in beer.
    - Possess technical/mechanical expertise and have the ability to troubleshoot and fix brewing and packaging equipment
    - Have a flexible schedule
    - Be 21 years or older.
    - Clean driving record and reliable transportation.

    Preferred Experience/Qualifications
    - At minimum, this individual will have an introductory knowledge of all aspects of the brewing process (raw materials, wort production, fermentation, sanitation, maturation, and packaging).
    - Professional brewing/distilling experience is a plus but not required.
    - Insatiable willingness to learn.

    To apply, please forward resume to