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Wanted: Brewery Production Assistant

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  • Wanted: Brewery Production Assistant

    Brewery Production Assistant

    Job Title: Production Assistant
    Hours: Up to 5 days per week (up to 40 hours per week)
    Compensation: $13/ hour + potential bonuses (upon meeting specific objectives)
    + additional cool perks
    Reports To: Head Brewer

    About Us

    Phantom Carriage is a new craft brewery that includes a 3bbl pilot system, blendery/barrel cellar program, an on-site tasting room and European/Pacific Northwest-inspired café. Located within Los Angeles County in the City of Carson, California, Phantom Carriage Brewery is nearly adjacent to the well-known Goodyear blimp-docking field and is easily accessible via major Southland freeways, including the 405, 91, and 110.

    Job Description

    We have an immediate opening for a part-time, entry-level position as Production Assistant. We are looking for a passionate, trustworthy and responsible individual who is excited to work in the fast-growing craft beer industry. Prior experience working in a brewery, winery, or distillery is preferred but not required. Homebrewing experience is also preferred but not required.

    Daily Duties, Functions, Responsibilities

    This is your day/week/month in a nutshell:

    • Follow daily and weekly cleaning schedules to maintain a clean working environment. Yes, there is LOTS of cleaning. The hose, mop, and floor squeegee will become your best friends.
    • Work closely with brewing team to achieve desired quality and production targets;
    • Oak barrel cellar maintenance: barrel cleaning, preparation, water testing, inspecting for barrel leaks, and monitoring air locks -- pretty much complete all assigned tasks in accordance with company SOP.
    • Taking and monitoring temperature readings on all fermentation tanks and barrels.
    • Follow all safety procedures. To a ‘T’. Cutting corners will not be tolerated.
    • Assist with keeping accurate inventory and quality management of production brewing materials.
    • Moving kegs (empty & filled), barrels (empty & filled), bottles (yes, empty & filled), and various raw materials with a pallet jack and forklift. Proper on-site training will be provided. Bottom line: some of this stuff is heavy and needs to be respected.
    • Periodic handling of hazardous chemicals is involved.
    • Help keep accurate daily production records per company and Federal Requirements. This is critical. Attention to detail a must.
    • Properly and continually maintain all of the on-site equipment, including but definitely not limited to the mill room, brewhouse, cellar, forklift, pallet jack, barrels, and brewing equipment.
    • Attend mandatory production meetings and contribute to product improvement. You are an important part of our team. We want to hear what you have to say.
    • Give the tasting room/café a hand when needed.
    • Proudly represent Phantom Carriage Brewery at events and beer festivals. The fun part of this job. But it’s still a job. Must be professional.
    • We are professional yet easy going. Would like the same from you.


    The reality is that this is a demanding, physical position. Applicants must possess ALL of these requirements:

    • Safety is our first priority. Working at a production brewery comes with inherent risk. Everyone’s job safety is our top priority and focus.
    • Honesty is right up there. Strong, good-hearted character.
    • Great attitude and easy to work with follow close behind.
    • Be self-motivated with an attention to detail. No slackers!
    • The ability to work well independently and with a team (often in close physical proximity).
    • Ability to routinely and repetitively lift 55lbs 60” high – occasionally 170 lbs.
    • No tardiness. You must have the ability to get to work on time to keep a production schedule. Excuses will not be tolerated.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Must be computer literate and have familiarity with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel). Must be Internet savvy as well and have the ability to learn and work with brewery-specific software.


    Phantom Carriage Brewery will require a pre-employment background, DMV, and drug test. No exceptions. Phantom Carriage Brewery is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.

    Contact Information

    Please send resume (one-page preferred) and cover letter (have fun and impress us) to

    Thank you!

    Phantom Carriage Brewery