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  • Flying Dog Brewery - Cellar Tech

    As one of the fastest-growing regional craft breweries in the mid-Atlantic, Flying Dog has been brewing world-class beer that pushes the confines of traditional styles for almost 25 years. Our beer attracts everyone from craft beer connoisseurs to those just catching the wave with up to 20 styles available at any given time. Our Gonzo ties are unmistakable, drawing inspiration from Hunter S. Thompson’s relentless truth seeking and Ralph Steadman’s provocative drawings. Flying Dog currently ranks 33 in beer production out of the nearly 3,000 existing craft breweries in the United States.

    Keeping the yeast happy is the No. 1 priority of our cellar technicians (and it's a complicated bugger).

    Click here to apply online:

    Job Summary

    The Cellar Technician is responsible for processes and procedures surrounding producing the highest quality beer possible. Duties include but are not limited to the following: CIP processes, wort and yeast handling, sample taking, information management, etc.

    Other related duties and assignments as required.

    Essential Functions in Supporting Our Mission:

    The role of Cellar Technician is essential as these persons have a high degree of interaction with the product and the quality parameters that go into producing remarkable beer.

    Nonessential Functions:

    Strong knowledge and understanding of the science of fermentation and theories of the processes and equipment employed daily to accomplish our goals.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    Ability to communicate and follow direction is necessary.

    Supervisory Responsibilities

    This position requires the ability to manage one’s self, working in an effective and efficient manner.

    Working Conditions:

    A Cellar Technician needs to be able to work on their feet for over eight hours at a time, repeatedly lift 55 lbs, work in extreme temperatures for extended periods of time, in loud production environments, with chemicals of varying composition, work from heights, work in damp and wet areas and work in confined spaces.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    Must have basic math and reading skills. Previous brewing experience and or education is highly preferred.

    Success Factors:

    Persons in this position need to be good communicators, able to follow detailed chain of instruction, fast thinkers, and team players.


    The above noted job description is not intended to describe, in detail, the multitude of tasks that may be assigned but rather to give the associate a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations of his/her position. As the nature of business demands change so, too, may the essential functions of this position.

    Interested? Sit down your beer (briefly) and apply!

    Click here to apply online: