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Assistant brewer/cellarman in Lafayette (Boulder County) Colorado

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  • Assistant brewer/cellarman in Lafayette (Boulder County) Colorado

    UPDATE 4/12/2015: Position has been filled

    Position: Assistant brewer/cellarman in Lafayette (Boulder County) Colorado
    Shift: Full Time (slightly flexible schedule available)
    Reports to: Head brewer
    Rate: Based on experience

    Odd13 Brewing is a 10 BBL brewery and taproom in Lafayette Colorado. Our focus has shifted recently from primarily taproom sales to a mix of taproom and distribution. We are producing 70-80 BBL per month and the mix is around 50/50 taproom and distribution. That number trends upward every month, with most of the growth on the distribution side. This is a position with a high degree of autonomy. Self-starters will thrive here.

    - Handle all phases of cellaring, fermentation, and packaging.
    - Cleaning and sanitation. Lots. Do it. Every day and every week. Tanks, kegs, brewhouse, floors. All of it.
    - Seriously. Cleaning.
    - Run transfers to BBTs. Fine the beer. Carbonate the beer. Dump the finings. Make sure it’s clear.
    - Yeast management (harvesting, repitching etc)
    - Some brewing
    - Clean/fill kegs
    - Lead canning sessions on our automated Wild Goose canning line
    - Lead ***hand*** bottling sessions on our crappy 4 head filler
    - Assist with special projects as needed
    - Weekly beer and raw material inventories
    - Attend events and festivals as needed
    - Tell the owner when he’s full of shit
    - Charlie work

    Job Requirements:
    - Experience in a commercial brewery is required, with extra preference given to experience in a packaging brewery
    - Flexibility in scheduling is required
    - Experience operating a Wild Goose canning line is a HUUUUGGE plus
    - Experience with sour beers and mixed fermentations is a plus
    - Must be comfortable working unsupervised
    - Basic computer skills are required
    - A driver’s license and clean driving record are required (at the moment, we wash our kegs at another brewery)
    - Ability to follow directions and willingness to ask questions when directions are unclear
    - Don’t be a jerk
    - Have a sense of humor

    Physical Requirements:
    - Ability to lift 55 lbs to shoulder height repeatedly
    - Must be able to lift 165 lbs occasionally
    - Ability to stand for long periods (8-10 hour shifts)

    - Health insurance (50% paid by company)

    If you believe you are qualified, send a resume to (don’t PM through probrewer, as I don’t check that often).
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