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Green Man Brewery, Cellar Person Needed in Asheville, NC

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  • Green Man Brewery, Cellar Person Needed in Asheville, NC

    Green Man Brewery Cellar person position
    Job Description

    We are looking for a self-motivated, hardworking, dedicated individual to join our Production team! The cellar person is responsible for all aspects of the processes related to fermentation, conditioning, treatment, clarification and carbonation of product. This position requires the ability to synthesize information and intelligently troubleshoot. Dedication to continued improvement, growth, and learning is extremely important.
    The ideal candidate will be a passionate advocate for Independent Craft Beer and be motivated to grow within the company and stay for the long term.
    Position reports to Director of Brewing & Lead Production Brewer

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    ● Maintain a clean brewery area.
    ● Safely follow detailed SOPs for cleaning, clarifying and lab work.
    ● Document (via computer and manual logs) cleaning, lab testing, calibration, and maintenance tasks.
    ● Assist brewers with developing/refining SOPs.
    ● Be willing to learn and train others in lab & cellar work.
    ● Organize & clean all areas of the brewery.
    ● Organization of brewery equipment, supplies, and ancillary items.
    ● Assist brewers with day-to-day tasks.
    ● Assist with yeast handling/management.
    ● Centrifuging of beers using an Alfa Laval 250.
    Carbonation of beers using a Quantiperm inline carbonator as well as traditional carbonation stones.
    ● CIP (clean-in-place) of fermentation vessels, brite tanks, centrifuge and other equipment while following all safety guidelines.
    ● Follow/maintain/develop sanitary practices in all aspects of beer processing.
    ● Dry hopping 60bbl tanks as well as routine yeast/trub dumps.
    ● Lab testing and other Quality Assurance activities including PCR, Gravity & pH readings, Zahm carbonation testing, cell counting, DO readings, force ferments & wort stability.

    Required Experience

    ● Minimum 1-year experience in a commercial brewery or a degree/diploma in fermentation science is mandatory. ***This is not an entry level position***
    ● A strong passion for the industry and a desire to advance your personal and professional skills.
    ● Basic understanding of brewing concepts (basic brewing and fermentation concepts).
    ● Knowledge and experience with cellar tasks including yeast handling, chemical handling, CIP procedures, general cleaning and sanitization, (canning/bottling line experience a huge plus), etc.
    ● Strong organizational habits, a self-motivated work ethic, and good critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    ● Basic computer literacy with basic understanding of Microsoft Office programs.
    ● Willingness to learn and use brewery software (Ekos). Previous Ekos experience a plus.
    ● Ability to self direct and manage time without direct input or supervision.
    ● Ability to perform multiple tasks sequentially/concurrently without becoming overwhelmed.
    ● Ability to work both alone as well as with the rest of the team.
    ● Willingness to perform written scheduling and self-assessment throughout a shift. Most tasks throughout your day will require documentation of some sort.
    ● Ability to positively interact with coworkers, employees, and the outside world.
    ● Ability to prioritize tasks, optimize your daily schedule, and be a team player.
    ● An understanding of basic quality assurance (QA) methods and techniques; basic knowledge of brewery related chemistry and biology a plus (basics of what acids and bases are; basics of how yeast and bacteria work etc.)
    ● Willingness to communicate consistently with the rest of the production team (on-site and remote) using email, text.
    ● Willingness to follow all published SOPs/protocols and to assist in the development of new ones.
    ● Ability and willingness to interact and teach non-production employees, the public, and occasionally customers on brewery tours the basics of brewing, beer styles, and brewhouse functions in a friendly and positive manner.
    ● Experience with forklift operation (certification a plus but not mandatory if you have experience)
    ● A positive attitude, willingness to learn, and excellent communication skills are essential.
    ● Most work occurs between 7am-5pm but early morning, late evening & weekend work is required at times.
    Must be 21 y.o. with a valid driver’s license.
    Must have High School Diploma or GED

    Physical Requirements
    • Ability to engage in heavy physical labor including climbing stairs, pulling hoses and scrubbing.
    • Ability to crouch, sit, stand, pull, push, bend, and/or twist while working in confined, wet, hot, and/or cold environments
    • Ability to stand and walk on hard surfaces for an entire shift.
    • Ability to work in wet, hot, and cold conditions.
    • Ability to work in a consistently loud environment.
    • Ability to work safely with potentially hazardous chemicals.
    • Ability to move up to 160 pounds (roll/hand truck) and lift up to 80 lbs.
    • Willingness to adhere to all PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements and follow all SOP and safety protocols without question.
    This Job Description is only a summary of the typical functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks, and duties.

    • Competitive pay based on experience.
    • Health, Dental and vision after 90 days.
    • Paid Time Off after 180 days.
    Green Man Brewery is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
    Please send a resume and cover letter to

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    Hey All! My name is Mike Browne, my resume is part of this thread. Just Moved from Jersey where I was taproom manager, pilot brewer and cellarman, and marketing director. Would love to be a part of the team.

    looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Michael T. Browne

    973.699.5972. | | Reel: WSET Level 2 Sommelier, TIPS certified, Cicerone certified beer server

    Key Skills:
    • Excellent team management and communication skills.
    • Dedicated and passionate with a desire to continue learning.
    • Cellaring and quality control proficiencies.
    • Background in media that brings a unique creative aspect to work.

      B.A. Communications: Electronic Media High Point University, High Point NC


      Sunken Silo Brew Works – Lebanon, NJ
    • Worked in several different roles to aid in the start of a successful brewery.
    • Taproom manager of a team of ten employees.
    • Marketing director for social media and website content.
    • Assistant pilot brewer on a one-barrel system, comfortable with CIP and SIP cycles on 5-20bbl fermenters.

    Czig Meister Brewing Company – Hackettstown, NJ
    • Worked as a beertender at a 15-bbl brewery.
    • Formed excellent client and professional relationships.

      Beneduce Vineyards - Pittstown, NJ
    • Worked on the vineyard staff for the 2019 harvest season.
    • Assisted in winemaking and harvesting operations.
    • Provided media and marketing content for social media use.

      Gilded Goat Brewing Company - Fort Collins, CO
    • Worked as a beertender in a successful 7-bbl local brewery.
    • Provided film and photography content for social media use.
    • Volunteered to assist in brewhouse operations.

      BrowneDog Films - Anywhere, Earth
    • Started a small narrative driven film and photography company.
    • Specialized in business narratives, short films, music videos, and social media content.

      CNBC – New York, NY
    • Worked as a handheld camera operator for live broadcasts.
    • Monitored audio work for television talent and guests.

      Other film experience – Various locations
    • Wrote, produced, directed, and oversaw editing for a twenty-two minute short film.
    • Worked as a production assistant for the “Jersey Shore” season six.


    Completed May 2013

    Oct. 2019 - Present

    Sept - Oct 2019 May 2019 - October 2019

    April 2018 - 2019

    January 2017 - Present October 2014 – 2016

    Various dates


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      This job has been filled.