Position: Cellar Operator

Taxman Brewing Company in Bargersville, IN (30 minutes south of downtown Indianapolis) is hiring a Cellar Operator. This is a key salary position in a rapidly-growing Belgian-style 2500 bbl/year microbrewery and restaurant. This position will have direct influence on cold-side development, as well as our rapidly expanding cooperage and sour programs.

Key Responsibilities
- Checking gravities, dry hopping tanks, monitoring fermentation temps and testing CO2 levels of conditioning beer
- Coldside cleaning and maintenance, and record keeping of such activities
- Handling CIP chemicals appropriately to ensure brewery and product sanitation
- Improve and distribute procedures for barrel handling, conditioned environment, packaging transfer
- Develop isolation procedures for sour program
- Responsible for keg washer/racker maintenance, quality verification and use
- Maintain good and competent records of all brewing activities to assist with all relevant federal, state and local compliance requirements
- Oversee cellar workers and leverage towards a clean brewery environment
- Source cellar equipment (barrels, racks, auxiliary equipment)
- Organizing/managing beer cooler and rotating inventory as needed

Additional Responsibilities
- Assisting brewers as needed, and/or assigning cellarworkers for brewhouse assistance/cleaning
- Yeast handling and maintenance
- Keg washing & racking
- Packaging of bottled and canned beer
- Draft system cleaning and maintenance
- Pulling and loading orders for distribution
- Attend industry related events and give brewery tours as needed
- Educate tasting room staff on production and beer styles
- Identifying and/or responding to potential or current hazards, and correcting as appropriate and/or reporting to management
- One-off special beer development
- Festival and technical seminar participation (weeknights and weekends)
- Ensure the brewery is presentable during in-house tours and/or events

- Must be 21+
- Brewery cellar experience and/or brewing-related associates/certificates strongly preferred
- Business/logistics/organizational background ideal
- Mechanical aptitude a plus
- Strong planning, organization and professionalism
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Work well in undefined circumstances
- Ability to work safely in an industrial environment, including (but not limited to) using sanitation chemicals properly, utilizing appropriate PPE and identifying/correcting potential workplace hazards
- Ability to lift 60 lbs, shift 160 lbs
- Willing to be flexible with work schedule (nights and weekends as needed)
- Ability to maneuver in enclosed spaces and on ladder elevations
- Clean driving record (no moving violations in the past 12 months)

Please contact colin@taxmanbrewing.com with cover letter and resume.