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Cellar Tech - Flying Dog Brewery - Full Time

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  • Cellar Tech - Flying Dog Brewery - Full Time

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    The cellar operator is responsible for taking delivery of wort from the brew house, ensuring an acceptable environment for proper fermentation, and yeast management.

    * Create optimal environment for fermentation of our wort, this includes but is not limited to sanitary lines, vessels and fittings, proper fermentation temperatures, oxygenation levels, cleanliness of cellar environment and yeast health.
    * Accurately document vital information pertaining to all cellar parameters and completed tasks
    * Complete all Standard Operating Procedures before release from training
    * Stay current on all SOP signoffs and follow these SOPs for each cellar process.
    * Accurately and completely record information relating to any trials, tests, process adjustments and cross shift communication.
    * Read daily communication email chain before the start of each shift and perform any tasks laid out in this communication
    * Clearly communicate vital information at handoff to the next cellar operator on shift.
    * Perform checks throughout the process to ensure quality and consistency of the wort, fermenting beer and yeast.
    * Communicate and coordinate with co-workers to ensure proper delivery of the wort to a fermentation vessel and proper information exchange at shift change.
    * Work in confined spaces and environments that can be hot, cold, wet, loud, and dusty.
    * Complete daily cleaning tasks to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
    * Perform CIP and Sanitation procedures as required.
    * Report directly to Lead Brewer
    * Availability to work all shifts, additional hours and weekends as required.

    * High School diploma or equivalent required
    * Previous brewing experience/education strongly desired
    * Forklift and Manlift Certification (will train)

    * Ability to monitor and manipulate several processes occurring at the same time.
    * Be self-directed and be capable of prioritizing shift responsibilities to complete required work in the necessary timeframe.
    * Strong attention to detail and product quality.
    * An aptitude for trouble shooting basic mechanical and electrical systems
    * Must be able to easily lift 55lbs repeatedly
    * Ability to remain standing for long periods of time
    * Requires eye & ear protection (company provided)


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