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Help Wanted: Bootlegger's Brewery Cellar Person

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  • Lindley22
    Local and Resume Sent

    Hi Bootleggers,

    I am interested and I am near your location. I sent my resume just now. I hope to hear from you.

    Thank you,
    Nate Lindley

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  • Help Wanted: Bootlegger's Brewery Cellar Person

    The Cellar Person is responsible for cellar work related to the production of the highest quality Bootlegger’s beer, operation and upkeep of brewing equipment, maintaining quality controls throughout all aspects of brewing process, monitoring compliance, and teaching other production staff on established brewery procedures.

    • Minimum 1 year experience in a production brewery
    • Strong knowledge of the brewing process
    • Formal brewing education preferred
    • Packaging experience preferred
    • Bottling and kegging experience
    • Experience in CIP of fermentation vessels/bright tanks, fermentation monitoring, lab work
    • Flexible work schedule to accommodate production as needed, able to work nights and/or
    • Weekend shifts

    • Must enjoy beer and the culture of beer
    • Must always be looking for ways to make the beer better and making recommendations to the Lead/Head Brewer.
    • CIP of fermentation vessels and bright tanks
    • Beer transfers and prep for packaging
    • Fermentation monitoring
    • Lab work
    • Assisting brewers with day to day tasks
    • Upkeep and cleanliness of cellar and all brewery areas, including scrubbing exterior of tanks and other equipment and other cleaning duties as necessary
    • Occasional Milling, Mashing, Lautering, Wort Boiling, Cooling, and Transferring to Fermenters
    • Yeast monitoring, pitching and evaluation
    • Ensure supply of raw materials
    • Raw material evaluation
    • Equipment upkeep and maintenance
    • Maintain cleanliness of all brew house areas
    • Completion of paperwork in an accurate and timely manner
    • Ability to communicate and coordinate with Lead Brewer on decision making as necessary
    • Adhere to safe practices and SOP’s.
    • To communicate regularly and efficiently with fellow employees and management
    • To set good example for the staff with regard to punctuality, attendance, attitude, and hygiene (Hygiene: To practice high standards of personal hygiene at all times in terms of grooming and uniform).
    • To maintain the required standards of operational hygiene at all times, including safety procedures such as slip resistant shoes, gloves, and protective eye wear
    • Interpersonal Skills: To maintain a harmonious work relationship between yourself, your coworkers and customers
    • To communicate a positive attitude, sincere interest, and to interact in a positive way with staff and management alike
    • Other duties and responsibilities as needed

    • Must be punctual
    • Must be able to safely operate forklift and must be able to become forklift certified soon after hire if not already certified
    • Must be able to communicate effectively with suppliers and distributors
    • Must be able to multi-task
    • Must be able to effectively manage time
    • Must be able to stand for 8-10 hours per day
    • Must be able to demonstrate a strong work ethic
    • Must have the ability to multi-task while being detail and quality focused
    • Must be able to work both independently and as a team
    • The job requires the ability to lift 55 lb grain bags / 44 lb Hop boxes, climb stairs, stoop in close quarters, grip & manipulate Tri-clamps and drag hoses, several times a day
    • Must have the ability to read and understand a variety of scientific instruments and calculations
    • Must be able to occasionally lift and maneuver a keg (165 lbs)
    • Must be available to work flexible schedules including weekend and overnight shifts
    • Must be responsible and dependable
    • Must have a well-developed sense of humor
    • Enjoy having fun and making good beer

    In interested, please post to this thread or send your resume to