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Cellar/Driver/Tap Line Cleaner Half Door San Diego

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  • Cellar/Driver/Tap Line Cleaner Half Door San Diego

    Half Door Brewing is a small family run brew pub in East Village San Diego, Ca. We are looking for an entry level candidate to help part time, for now, with basic cellar and bar operations. This position is 20+ hours a week and could become full time in the coming months. In the event that you transition to full time, you will be doing more cellar work and operating the brewhouse. This job is physically demanding.

    Job Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    Line cleaning weekly/Organizing keg room
    Cleaning the brewery
    Dropping off and picking up full and empty kegs at storage
    Clean and maintain all cooperage on a regular basis
    Follow best practice and safety requirements
    Attend staff meetings as required
    Moving grain/milling in
    Willingness to participate in festivals and promotional events as needed while representing the company and the brand in a professional manner
    Perform all job functions within the structure described in the Employee Handbook of Policies and Procedures at Half Door Brewing.

    Job Requirements:
    **Critical thing and problem solving skills required**
    Ability to work and communicate well with all staff
    Organized and detail oriented; accurate record keeping skills
    Basic troubleshooting skills in a brewing/manufacturing setting
    Valid driver license
    Communicating with the bartenders so keg room is stacked efficiently.

    Physical Requirements:
    Lift 55 lbs from ground to shoulder high
    Lift 110 lbs from ground to waist high and moving 150 lbs. along the floor
    Climb stairs, ramps, and ladders
    Work in small and confined spaces
    Work safely with chemicals with reasonable safety accommodations
    Work in loud environment with basic safety accommodations
    Read, write, and calculate basic algebra

    If you are interested in working full time and transitioning to the brewhouse, you MUST have basic yeast handling, (counting, understand pitch rates), in addition to an understanding of mash and water chemistry. We have pitch rates for every beer and a different water profile for every beer. I can help with the understanding of these basic brewing practices, but I need you to understand WHY we do it before you are working in the brewhouse. The pay will depend on experience and knowledge of basic brewing practices.

    Send Resumes to Daniel Drayne at